1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Angels Baseball–Halos Heartache”

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“Angels-Heartache Again”


Life is so fragile, you, me, your neighbor, a family member, and a baseball player too.

The Angels are dealing with heart ache again, with the unexplained passing of young frontline pitcher Tyler Skaggs, who was found dead in his hotel room on a road trip to Texas, a week ago.

No drug, no foul play, just natural causes, at least that is the theory right now till the toxicological reports are released to his family.

But age 27, who knows, who can explain why. A blood clot, a heart attack, a sleep disorder.

Skaggs, so popular in the clubhouse, a cowboy personality. It took him a lot of starts and stops to get to the Angels rotation. From the Halos to Arizona, back to the Angels, and then finally a fixture in their front line starting rotation.

Players wept. What a scene to see a choked up star outfielder Mike Trout trying to explain his friendship with the fallen pitcher. The same for a tearful Brad Ausmus.

All this for a franchise that ten years ago had to deal with the death of another star young pitcher, Nick Adenhart, his life snuffed out age (22) when his car was hit by a drunk driver, right after a game.

The litany of those who died off the field, who wore the Halo is stunning.

Utilityman Luis Valbuena-killed in a car crash a winter ago in Venezuela in the off season.

Dick Wantz-promising pitcher-dead of a brain tumor in the Angels early years.

Minnie Rojas-relief ace-paralyzed in a mini-bike accident in spring training.

Jim Donahue-pitcher from early Angel years-brain cancer in his 20s.

Chico Ruiz-infield in a car crash.

Mike Miley-former 1st round pick pitcher-killed in car crash

Bruce Heinbechner-pitching prospect perished in a car accident.

Lymon Bostock-star outfielder-gunned down in Chicago in a love triangle in season.

Donnie Moore-ace reliever, fighting depression, killed his wife and then himself in a rage of depression.

On Friday, the Angels start the second half of the season. Uniform #45 will hang in a locker untouched, and respected by all who cross infront of it.

You can tell by the look in the eyes of Trout, Albert Pujols, and so many other Angels, how hard the coming weeks will be.

Not just the battle to climb back into a wildcard playoff race, but to search for the answers, why Tyler Skaggs was taken from them so early in his young career.

Baseball, a lot more complicated than just 100mph fastballs, hits, runs, errors, especially in Anaheim these days.

Angels with a heartache.


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