1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Aztecs Football–Bye Week-Work Week-Not Too Please Coach”

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Aztecs-Bye Week-Work Week…..Not Too Pleased Coach”




It’s a bye week for San Diego State football, and they seem to be in a good place.

A (7-1) record, in the hunt for a trip to the Mountain West Conference championship game, and even an outside chance at a New Year’s Day Bowl Game from the Group of 5-teams still eligible, though the competition will be tough.

Tough too, will be what’s left not he schedule, Nevada, Fresno, Hawaii and BYU, , with 3-of them here in San Diego.

A quality win over UCLA, a nationally ranked defense in a bunch of NCAA categories, and a team getting healthy.  SDSU is in a good place.

Coach Rocky Long.


..Great time to be in a bye week…tired-sore-beatup…this helps us
..We played better on the road than home
..3-of-4 at home…would be nice with try home field advantage
..Would like to see more fans here to help us get over the hump
..Ranked 25th-helps public perception and helps conference
..As well as we have played outside conference Top 25-we deserve be there

..We haven’t played as well as we can play…
..Must play better to earn right to get to conference championship game in MWC
..Bye week will let our guys compete against each other
..Going to give players more time off during the 2nd bye week.

..Make offense better-have to execute better..improve fundamentals-techniques
..Don’t know why we are so inconsistent…have to practice to get better
..We need improved technique to execute better on offense
..We fixed illegal procedure last week..this week it’s blocking

..Our seniors-we demanded more of them-starting with off season program
..Interesting-we don’t panic when we don’t play well..that’s inner leadership
..I think we can still be a really good football team…we are not there yet.

..Zach Thomas has overcome injuries-playing high level
..Cam Thomas-little experience-has played very well-better than we thought he’d play

..Reacton to NCAA just approved plan to pay players for marketing…lot of work to do
..Recruiting-kids want to come to program that is successful and fits their personality
..Personality must fit for bothy…our program has been established
..We have 10-straight years of winning records and bowl games-pretty good-impressive.
..This is recruiting weekend-lots of recruits to be on campus on Friday

..Program has changed because we have great kids and great coaches

..Goal for us to get in championship game..3-league games left
..Couple of them fighting to get bowl eligible..
..Will play 3-teams motivated…they are talented…all 3-could beat us.

..I like the idea of playing BYU-but I would not have played BYU
..If I was AD-I would not schedule BYU-they left our conference.
..They left us and now they need to schedule MWC teams to fill out schedule
..Not one of our players knows anything about BYU history.


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