1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Aztecs in Drivers Seat in MWC-Not So Sure”

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“Aztecs in Drivers Seat-Cannot Slip Up”


San Diego State comes off a huge emotional, important win, at Boise State, and should be at the top of the world.

But in college athletics, with young kids, one week does not translate into the next week in terms of quality of play.

Add in SDSU still has to go play at Fresno State and at pass happy-improving Nevada-Reno. So nothing is guaranteed.

This week, Friday night, promises challenges. short work week, weird offense-Air Force wishbone.

Rocky Long’s quotes

..Short work week-getting ready for wishbone offense
..Air Force has confidence..ran Navy out of the ball park
..Very difficult week for us to defend their Triple Option
..Triple offense gives Air Force two extra blockers
..High pressured blitz package-straight man coverage-they hassle you on offense-radical defense

..Our formula is to keep the ball-run the clock-that defense makes it tough
..Their offense wants to keep the ball
..Worried did not have lot of success against triple option
..Air Force has decided to throw more-so run offense is not as dominant
..They want to keep it 40-minutes a game

..Do we blitz them and risk giving up big yardage plays
..Not confident-completely different running game than we ever see
..Our scout team cannot duplicate speed of their offense
..We need to get turnovers out of this game Friday

..Confidence level of our team should be high-but this is not same situation
. It is so hard to get ready for triple option offense-especially way they run it
..Be careful we don’t get knocked on our asses by their blockers
..Triple option gives you lots of advantages-fans don’t want to see it though
..It’s hard to recruit players to triple option offense-no one runs it

..Air Force players go to academy to do something different in life
..Their kids have lots of big things in store for them
..Last week-out offensive guys had tough time dealing with noise-snap count
..Friday night game-don’t know if Air Force has fans in a Navy town

..I wish Friday night was hi school night
..Ky Tezino-LB-we put a lot of stock in how they look in practice..-he has grown
..Tezino got to play because of injuries-really plays well–practices now-really good
..Tezino is doing things at great speed-good linebackers have skill
..Tezino is a good blitzes-a downhill fast guy

..Ryan Agnew is getting better every week-extends plays
..Our defensive backs will have to play like linebackers this week
..Air Force coaches-advantages and disadvantages.
..Big issue-don’t have as much time with players as we do..stricter schedule
..They have 2-plus hour window to do football meetings and practices
..We all have 72-hours a week to work with players-but their hours more compressed.
..They get players who want to go to the academies-know what to do with life.
..They have players with different attitude in life-they are on a mission
..They get mature-driven-young men

..USA Today-called you most ‘value coach’ in America-that’s nice
..Coaching at levels like Alabama are different
..Problems are different…stress level different…but pressures are same here-there

..New sod at SDCCU-hope it is not slick.

..I have such respect for the kids who go to the academies.


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