1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday. “Baseball–Deadlock Coming-Super Agent Sounds Off”

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“Super Agent Speaks–in Baseball”


The Baseball General Manager’s meetings are wrapping up in Carlsbad.

Free Agency has begun.

The Winter’s meetings may be just around the corner.

So is a work shutdown between the Union and Owners-CBA

The ground work has been laid for possible free agent
signings…blockbuster trades…and rules changes, if there is no work stoppage-that could happen on December 1st.

We had the Astros sign stealing scandal..the Dodgers buying their World Series win..and the Braves taking the crown by teams that were tanking.

Super Agent Scott Boras took front and center on Wednesday with his own version of how the World Series ended, the Collective bargaining agreement, MLB work rules and a criticism (per the norm) of how baseball is being run.

The world according to Boras would have no luxury tax, unlimited budgets, his clients getting the bulk of the money, and everyone else getting whatever is left.

Like him or hate him, he has unique thoughts.

Doubtful baseball leadership is listening.  Guarantee you the fans and the media pay attention.

Boras’ comments about baseball’s cancer and other things, courtesy of this ESPN report:

Link:  https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/32600372


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