1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Baseball-Not Very Good Right Now”

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“Bad Baseball-Seems to Be Everywhere”


Attendance is down.

TV Ratings are down.

Strikeouts are up.

Elbow ligament surgeries seem ready to set an all time record.

More than 1200-players have appeared in games this season, threatening the all time record of 1300 a year ago, and we are not even at the All Star break.

For every great team out there, the Red Sox, the Astros, the Yankees, for every surprise team like the Mariners, Milwaukee or Atlanta, there are plenty of really bad teams.

Yes, you can subscribe to the theory the Padres last place season was part of a game plan to take this to ground zero, and wait for the plethora of young talent to get to the big leagues. But losing is losing, another lost summer.

But even with all the young kids having good seasons at different levels in the minors, there’s no guarantee Logan Allen, Fernando Tatis, Cal Quantrill will be ready to star in San Diego immediately, once they get here..

You look across the baseball landscape, and you see some really awful teams.

As we approach the All Star break, don’t blink, don’t let your eyes water, you are seeing things properly, both the Orioles and Royals are 40-games under .500, and it’s July. That’s right, 40-games under .500.

The misery that is Mets baseball is probably more about bad pitching injuries, than anything, but the everyday lineup has lots of age on it.

The plunge of the Washington Nationals has to do with an ailing ace pitcher, Stephen Strasburg, a leaky bullpen, and a (.211) hitting season from superstar about to be free agent Bryce Harper. This was supposed to be a great franchise, but it never got there, and now seems going in the wrong direction.

Miami has had a better than expected season with little payroll. Tampa Bay has gotten better as the season has gone on, to be a mid-pack team. But is there real joy to be chasing the .500-mark as some kind of real accomplishment?

The Reds wee awful early, but have ripped off a (15-6) stretch to give hope better days might be coming.

Detroit is in rebuild mode. The White Sox are jamming a lot down the throats of young players, and are 30-games under .500 already.

You wonder with the amount of money pouring into all these clubs, via TV deals, and MLB media, why it is as bad as it seems to be. Bad scouting, bad drafts, bad signings, failing free agents.

It’s a mess out there right now.

You’ll get excited to watch the (64-29) Red Sox…the 62-win Astros…or the (59-31) Yankees.

But as of this morning…there are 13-teams below .500…..and 8-clubs that could lose 100-games this season.

The grand old game, not very good right now …is it?


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