1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Baseball Playoffs-Are You Kidding Me”

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Strange day, strange things, bad days in baseball too.  Scatter gunning comments on all this.

PADRES…..You mean to tell me, because sources are telling me, the Padres are not going to interview the lead veteran managerial candidates for their vacant manager’s job?  They are not going to interview Bruce Bochy, Joe Girardi, Joe Maddon or Buck Showalter?  Guys who have won World Series rings don’t warrant a sit down with Padres ownership and their GM?

DODGERS…I thought they nearly cost themselves the series with the Nationals, when they elected to start aging and ailing Rich Hill in Game 4-instead of Kenta Maeda.  They let Washington back in the series.  Then they die in the 5th and final game, when Clayton Kershaw gives up 2-homers on 2-pitches and Joe Kelly gives up the grand slam homer in the tenth.  Manager Dave Roberts pulled Maeda early after a strong 1-inning relief outing, and pulled him early in the 4th game.  The Dodgers win 106 during the regular season, but Roberts pitching choices kill the team again.  All this coming after 2-World Series failures.  You do remember the failures with Brandon Morrow and Yu Darvish the last two fall classics?  Unbelievable, shocking finish, for a third year in a row.

BRAVES…No one has ever seen that  in the history of the baseball post-season, a 10-run first inning posted by the Cardinals against the Atlanta Braves.  3-two run doubles, 3-bases loaded walks, and blown double play ground ball, and a passed ball on a third strike.  Atlanta had a really good season, but this will leave a bad taste in the mouth for a long off season.

TAMPA BAY…Hard to believe they play the Astors in the fifth and final game of their playoff series on Thursday night.  The big-bad Astros, with those great bits and the three tremendous starting pitchers, struggling to put away a team of no-names own the Rays roster playing in a city that doesn’t turn out for their home games.  Can you name any stars on the Tampa roster?

YANKEES…Just sitting there waiting for the ALCS after wiping out the Twins.  New York has bats, all types of bats, and it offsets the shortages they have in that pitching rotation, and now they have all these days off to get ready for the ALCS.  Just think how dangerous they would be if Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton were playing up to par.

MINNESOTA…A tremendous season, in fact I would give the Manager of the Year and the Executive of the Year Awards to Rocco Baldelli and Thad Levine, but what a long off season it will be.  The 90-win campaign undercut by the fact they have lost 12-games in a  row to the Yankees in the postseason, and have lost 16-playoff games in a row dating backs lots of years..

CARDINALS…It took them half a season to find their offense, and almost as many games to get all their hurt pitchers back on the roster and in different roles.  I don’t think anyone would have thought this team would be good enough to get this deep into October in postseason play.  But they’ve found enough offense around Paul Goldschmidt to win games, and their pitching has been really scrappy enough to hang in there.


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