1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Baseball Questions for Teams”

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“Questions–I Have Questions”

DODGERS…Great season, getting 106 wins, and then chasing down and eliminating the Giants.  The playoffs have been great too….Fear though Dave Roberts juggling of his pitchers may hurt this team’s chances of getting back to the World Series….When you are carrying 14-pitchers on your playoff roster, explain to me the use-misuse of bringing Max Scherzer out of the bullpen to save a game, or doing the same with Julio Urias…You run the risk of shoulder fatigue in both, and we have seen that now.  Hope it does not cost them the chance to get to the Fall Classic finals…..This is like a bad flashback to two lost World Series and the over-use of Brandon Morrow, that wrecked title hopes.

PADRES…Big debate coming on Fernando Tatis and the need for shoulder surgery to solve the dislocation issues.  All sports medicine people believe  this left shoulder will pop out….Go back and look at the month’s production each time he came off the disabled list…Batting averages of (.227) (.248) and a (.190) spell….How can he believe he can get thru another season without the injury popping up again?…Off the field they should get the chance to hire a quality manager-but it remains to be seen will he be a puppet for the GM or be given the space to actually manage a team of talent?

ANGELS….All these non playoff seasons…all these injuries to the lineup…and the drafting of 20-pitchers this past summer, but people’s jobs in jeopardy….Latest to leave Matt Swanson-director of scouting-because of all the pitching failures and the slow growth of draft picks in the farm system….They have budget space and need pitching but may have to overpay to get guys to go there.

RED SOX…They hit their way into the playoffs, but not enough arms at Fenway Park hurling their chances of getting to the Series…Nathan Eovaldi and Chris Sale carried them into the ALCS but it does not appear there’s much juice left in those arms.

BRAVES…You know about Freddie Freeman and Ozzie Albers, but think about the job that front office did…Who would have thought Atlanta would survive the loss of starting pitcher Mike Soroka and the devastating injuries to Marcel Ozuna and Ronald Acuna and would still be playing….Tremendous job to go get Adam Duvall .Joc Pederson and others to replace the big bats.

HOUSTON…Somehow-someway they are still playing despite being Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of the fans-media dating back to the sign stealing scandals of 2017-2018 and the firings of their GM-and-manager, plus the loss of George Springer to free agency….but here they are hitting their way thru these series under Dusty Baker’s guidance…And think about the rotation and the kids excelling despite the injuries to Zach Grienke and Lance McCullers..

YANKEES…Money buys you lots of things, but not necessarily a chance to be in the World Series….Two years ago, the everyday lineup was destroyed by injuries…last season virtually all the pitching wound up on the DL at one time or another….Brian Cashman is still the GM but needs to make the right moves.

METS…Volatile new owner Steve Cohen, longtime exec Sandy Alderson..but tons of front office scandal problems…that and injuries to 4-of their 5-starters…Interesting off season upon us and they cannot find the right guy to take over as President of Baseball Ops…I would have thought Billy Beane’s relationship with Alderson or Theo Epstien ‘s track record would have put them at the front of the line-both declined….But maybe all changes opening day next year with the return to health of deGrom-Syndegaard-Carsasco-Luchessi in the rotation-that would make a difference.

CUBS…Speaking of falling apart, what a rebuild ahead for  Jed Hoyer, who now says Chicago will be in the free agent market…this after dealing away Kris Bryant..Javy Baez..Anthony Rizzo rather than pay to re-sign them….In need of pitching too…Can you say long road back

GIANTS…What are they going to do for an encore in San Francisco after that patchwork roster won 109-games before they were beaten….They have free agent money to use-got great seasons out of 1-year rentals..and you wonder how many of those players they will bring back next year…thinking they could produce another big time season.

CARDINALS…Surprise ending to Mike Schildt’s tenure as manager, but the story is how much a struggle it was year by year to reach the playoffs…No doubt a good cross section of talent on that roster, a farm system that has brought more young players into St Louis…but a pitching staff full of injuries has hurt…But losing streaks and half a summer of struggles each year seemed to be a problem.

WHITE SOX…They built this to be a post-season team, and finally arrived, but what a disappointment to get taken out so soon….Not sure Tony LaRussa is the right fit to lead a young team.

PHILLIES…Big payroll, big names in the everyday lineup-but a franchise with pitching problems-year by year.

Just some questions as the playoffs march on.


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