1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Baseball-What If Today Was Opening Day”

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“Baseball-Welcome Back”



Thursday was supposed to be Opening Day at the ballpark.


The Padres were to host the Rockies.

The Dodgers historic rivalry with the Giants .

The Angels would meet the Astros in Houston amid the hate to be directed at the cheats.


It won’t be and we won’t know for how long it will be away.

But if it had, this was what I was going to write in my 1-Man’s Opinion Column.  We love baseball history so much, so think back to your favorite team, opening days, and days gone by.


Baseball is back. It is the green grass, blue sky, baseball under the sun, domed stadiums and designated hitters. Remembering all the history and records of the games, the stars and years gone by.

Baseball is the personality on the field: Teddy Ballgame (Williams), Stan the Man (Musial), Duke of Flatbush (Snider). It’s the M & M Boys, (Mantle and Maris), Sey Hey (Mays), Jackie (Robinson) and Charley Hustle (Rose). It’s the Bambino (Ruth) and the Iron Man (Gehrig), the Georgia Peach (Cobb), Reggie Bar (Jackson) and the Wild Horse of the Osage (Pepper Martin).

Baseball is all about the teams: Murderer’s Row (Yankees), the Gashouse Gang (Cardinals), the Gints (Giants) and Dem Bums (Dodgers). It’s the Lumber Company (Pirates), the Big Red Machine (Cincinnati), the Running Redbirds (Cardinals) and those Fightin’ Phils (Phillies). It’s First in War, First in Peace, Last in the American League (Senators), the Bronx Bombers (Yankees) and the Amazings (Mets).

Baseball is places, too: The House that Ruth Built (Yankees Stadium), the Green Monster (Fenway), the Eighth Wonder of the World (Astrodome), the Stick (San Francisco), Coogan’s Bluff (Polo Grounds), ivy-covered walls (Wrigley Field) and the Fans in Flatbush (Ebbets Field).

Baseball is also about owners: The Boss (Steinbrenner), Charley O (Finley), The Mahatma (Branch Rickey) Veeck — as in Wreck (Bill Veeck) and Cornelius McGillicuddy (Connie Mack).

Baseball is about managers: The Major (Ralph Houk), Smokey (Walter Alston), Casey at the Bat (Stengel), Billy-the-Kid (Martin).

Baseball is about the broadcasters too: Vin Scully, Mel Allen, Jerry Coleman, Jack Buck and Harry Caray.

Baseball is about opening day, when Bob Feller of the Indians threw a no-hitter; Ted Williams hit .446 in career opening days and they threw snowballs, not fastballs at CNE Stadium in Toronto.

Baseball is about the teams of days gone by: the St. Louis Browns, the Washington Senators, Montreal Expos, Philadelphia and Kansas City A’s, the Boston Braves and Seattle Pilots.

Baseball is numbers: 60 (Ruth-HRs), 61 (Maris-HRs), 714 (Aaron-HRs), 254 (Hack Wilson-RBIs), 76 (Barry Bonds HRs), .401 (Ted Williams batting average), 4,256 (Pete Rose’s hit total).

Baseball is bubble gum and trading cards. Father’s taking sons to their first game.

Foul balls, hot dogs and autographs.

Rain outs and bean-balls and out-of-town scoreboards.

It’s lying under the covers late at night listening on a transistor radio.

It’s learning to keep score.

Playing catch with your dad, granddad or uncle.

It’s the smell of the ball park, the crack of the bat, the cheering of the crowd.

Baseball is back and every team, every fan, starts on Opening Day, feeling good.

Angels, Dodgers, Padres — great to see you!

Baseball is back. Welcome back, old friend.


It would have been a feel good day….if it were a normal day.


It’s not right now, but better days are coming.



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