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Chargers–Do You Believe in the Bolts”


Ready-Set-Go for the 2021 NFL Football Season.

We know a number of things about the Chargers football team.

QB-Justin Herbert is gifted, bright, mobile, strong-armed.
WR-Keenan Allen is one of the best route runners in the modern day NFL
RB-Austin Ekeler can be all things to all people, running and catching.
DE-Joey Bosa has put up solid numbers over his short NFL career
FS-Derwin James is dynamic but often injured.
Coach-Brandon Staley is a bright light, full of enthusiasm, opinions and knowledge.

My most private hidden fear, all these smart guys on the coaching staff, mentally overeloading this tremendous talent at quarterback.

We also know this.

The beginning of the schedule is brutal and facing a 7-game stretch out of the gate that could crush them.

An opening road game at Washington against a veteran know it all-has done it all coach in Ron Rivera.  They win with defense and now they have Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball.

The Chargers come home to face Dak Prescott and Dallas, then go to Kansas City to meet Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs.  They face Derek Carr and that Raiders offense in week four.  Go head to head with the dynamics of the Browns and Baker Mayfield.  Have to go face Lamar Jackson and the Ravens defense in Baltimore.  And then take on Bill Belichick-Josh McDaniels and the kid QB-Mac Jones.

All that in 7-weeks, and all that wrapped around a young quarterback trying to handle a complex new playbook, and a defense that has lots of moving parts, young players and a complex system of blitzes and coverages.

There are lots of uncertainties as the season kicks off.

Will Herbert be able to consume a much more complex Joe Lombardi playbook?
How quickly do 4-new offensive lineman jell infront of Herbert?
Will the experience of Corey Linsley and Matt Fieler be a big intangible?
How long before Bryan Bulaga breaks down at right tackle?
Will the young wide receiver group of Tyron Johnson-Jaylen Guyton-Josh Palmer do well
Who is the next man standing if something happens to Austin Eckler?
Will Jared Cook be the equal of what Hunter Henry was at tight end.
Will Joey Bosa hold up in pass coverage as a new look linebacker?
Is there enough depth in the defensive front if anyone goes down?
Will the linebacking corps stay healthy and stay on the field?
Will an athletic young secondary hold up against the elite receivers they face early?
Is Tristain Vizcaino a better field goal kicking fit than the hot cold Michael Badley
Will Brandon Staley regret not playing veteran starters at all in preseason-no live fire reps

Off the field there are just as many questions.

GM-Tom Telesco’s utter failure to draft offensive lineman?
Who’s the biggest disappointment-Pipkens-Lamp-Feeney whom they spent high picks on
Will they regret letting go a proven product like Hunter Henry in free agency?

And for the beleaguered Dean Spanos as the owner.

Of those 45,000-season tickets sold, how many went to brokers…29,000 for resale?
What becomes of your lawsuit over the team’s money problems?
Your sister Dea says the team will have 435M in debts by the end of the season-how?

What will your stadium look like when it is overrun by Dallas-sChiefs-Raiders-Browns-Patriots fans to start the season?  There is history we recall the last four years since your move.

What will Chargers football be like if you start the season (1-6), a very possible happening?

How’s that “Fight for LA” go if the Rams are a legitimate Super Bowl team, and you have a great young QB, snazzy Powder Blue uniforms, and another losing season?

The scoreboard does not lie.  The ‘First of Family of Football’ as you called yourself, has had only 14-winning seasons in 36-years of ownership.

Chargers-Believe in the Bolts?  Weeks 1-thru-7 will tell us alot.
Ready-Set-Go…to the playoffs…or down the drain?




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