1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Chargers-The Stadium-Anybody Got Any Ideas-Any Money-Any Hope?

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“Anybody Got Any Ideas-Any Money-Any Hope?”


It seems awful late in the game for ‘concerned citizens’ to suddenly show up and present financing ideas for an NFL stadium, after we lost the San Diego Chargers, doesn’t it?

Questions worth asking in the hours after it became public that developer Doug Manchester has sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, pledging local financiing for an NFL Stadium.

Is Manchester proposing his group pay the entire cost of the 1.8B-stadium?

Is Manchester’s group going to bid to take over development of all 166-acres of the Qualcomm sight for a massive development?

Has the Manchester group already met with the Mayor and City Council to talk about this project?

Is Manchester’s group talking to F-S Investors about subletting the 16-parcel tract of land they have set aside for an NFL stadium, as a part of their Soccer-Rivre Park-Aztecs plan?

Is Manchester talking about co-funding local money in combination with what the City-County-San Diego State and CSAG proposed?

Is the Manchester group willing to step into the gap and come up with the 650M shortfall the Raiders have in the Las Vegas project, and put that money into the pot, if the Raiders would consider San Diego?.

Why did Manchester and his backers not step forward and try to solve financing while Dean Spanos still had the franchise in San Diego and there was a public drive to save the team?

The devil is in the details in something this big.

The disappointment is that the Chargers-City relationship was allowed to go to hell, burn to the ground, while others out there, who could have helped, didn’t help, until now.

Sadly it seems some money people came to the party too late, by accident, or by design?.

We don’t have a team…now we have people who have ideas. Too little-too late?


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