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“Chargers Draft Report Card-Rate Them”


NFL draft day is upon us. The draft is the lifeline of your franchise. You hit on lots of picks you build a perennial power. You miss on lots of picks, you become the downtrodden.

Tom Telesco and John Spanos work hand-in-had. One is President of Football Operations (Spanos), given the job by his dad. The other is VP-General Manager (Telesco) hired by John Spanos.

Their franchise, their roster, their fault.

Philip Rivers is putting up Hall of Fame credentials as a quarterback, and yet, stunningly, he has just 1-playoff win in the last 10-years as QB of the Bolts. Not so much on him, as it is on Team Spanos football brass.

Here’s a year-by-year evaluation, with letter grades, of the Telesco-Spanos draft for you to judge, why they are, where they are, after evaluating their picks in rounds 1-thru 6-each years..

2017…(2.2) GPA
..Mike Williams-WR-injured most of year…Grade C
..Forrest Lamp-OG-injured all year-on IR…Grade Incomplete
..Dan Feeney-OG-starting guard most of year..Grade B
..Rayshawn Jenkins S-special teams…Grade D
..Desmond King.. DB-special teams..Grade B
..Stephen Tevi..OG-backup..Grade C

2016…(2.0) GPA
..Joey Bosa-DE-Pro Bowl…Grade A
..Hunter Henry-TE..Productive pass catcher..Grade B
..Max Tuerk-C-released..Grade F
..Joshua Perry-LB-released..Grade F
..Jatavius Brown-LB-starter..Grade C
..Drew Kaser-P-solid years..Grade B
..Derek Watt-FB-serviceable..Grade C

2015…(2.4) GPA
..Melvin Gordon-RB superstar…Grade A
..Denzel Perryman-LB-rock solid but hurt..Grade B
..Craig Mager-S-washout..Grade D
..Kyle Emanuel-LB..strongside starter-average..Grade C
..Darius Philon-DE..backup guy…Grade C

2014..(0.4) GPA
..Jason Verrett-CB..once promising-always hurt..Grade C
..Jerry Attaochu-LB..injured-released..Grade F
..Craig Watt-OG..quit football..Grade F
..Ryan Carrethers-DT-washout..Grade F
..Marlon Grice-RB..released..Grade F

2013..(1.6) GPA
..DJ Fluker-OT…started-released-moved to 3-teams..Grade C
..Mantei Teo-LB..serviceable but injured much..Grade C
..Keenan Allen-WR…star in league after getting healthy…Grade A
..Stevie Williams-CB…released..Grade F
..Tourek Williams-LB..Injured-released finally..Grade F

Summary: ..

Letter Grade for Spanos-Telesco in the draft….1.7-GPA for their 5-years together….27-picks in all-only 5-established starters…only 3-legitimate stars in NFL.

No wonder why Philip Rivers has just 1-postseason win in a decade. Franchise is (19-32) over last three plus seasons….Has not been to the playoffs since 2013….Has just 1-playoff win since 2008……Under Telesco-Spanos leadership-team has (37-45) record….Spanos ownership of franchise shows 14-winning seasons in 34-years of operation.

Grading scale…A=4..B=3…C=2…D=1…F=0


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