1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Crisis Time-In Sports-In America”

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“Games–Wins-Losses or Death?”


“Pandemic”…..a word you have ever hardly heard across America.  And now you have, as the Virus-Crisis grows day-by-day.  Our world is changing, rapidly, without our approval.

And yet some in the sports world want to carry on as if nothing serious is happening and the world should go on.

In what should be an ‘hour-by-hour’ discussion, the NBA has suspended its season, when the Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was diagnosed after contracting the virus.

That came hours after the NCAA  decided to ban fans from its tournament  that is supposed to start next week.

The NHL, MLB are still going ahead with plans to play games, infront of jam packed arenas and spring training venues, but that should change next..

Places where fans gather to cheer, scream, and unknowingly, possibly pass on the Coronavirus from China, should all be shutdown..

It has spread at wild fire rates, a killing field in Seattle, a flash outbreak in New Rochelle, New York.  How the virus’ got there so quickly, no one knows.  What we do know however, the numbers of who tested positive, and the death rates that have occurred in under one week.

March Madness was supposed to start next week, and it would have been Madness to allow all these games to start next Thursday infront of packed houses.  The fans, wearing their colors, won’t be able to cheer their teams, but they won’t get sick either.

The NCAA finally acted, shutting down all the arenas where next week, the post season tournaments are to be played.  Games will go on, but there will be no fans allowed in. Watch it on TV.

Strange atmosphere for sure, but we don’t need to trigger ‘killing zones’.

While the NCAA gave out its ‘close the door’ marching orders, the PAC-12 Conference tournament, was allowed to begin in Las Vegas.  So said controversial Commissioner Larry Scott.  What happens in Vegas-won’t stay in Vegas this time.   What a callous leader he is.

Much like President Donald Trump, who refused to follow the lead of people who know, the doctors and the scientists, he keeps telling people, all will be better and the numbers will go down.  The sickness scoreboard does not show that.  No Trump jokes nor explanations can explain why there was  the White House leadership inertia.

This is almost as bad as China covering up the initial outbreak, and trying to silence the doctors who discovered it, then died from it two weeks ago.

The President, who must have gotten his degree from his own Trump University, doesn’t want to listen to science and people who know, just wants to blame Democrats, or China, or crack jokes and laugh his way thru this.

CDC and WHO officers said Thursday the mortality rate in the US from this could be 10-times what the flu fatality rate is, and yet people like Trump-Scott want life to go on as normal.

The NBA acted.  The NCAA should reconsider.  The NHL should to the same.

Play the games, protect the people who work in the arenas, and protect the fans.  But there seems to be more inherent dangers.

Baseball’s opening day is just 2-weeks out and Rob Manfred, much like Adam Silver and Gary Bettman are monitoring the situation hour-by-hour.  They should close up shop for two weeks, reschedule games if necessary, but do not expose people to risk.

Oh there are stupid comments, like LeBron James initial comment, I won’t play if the fans don’t come.  Wonder if he’d play if his teenage son came home exposed to the disease.  Superman-Stupid ass comment.

The games right now are meaningless.  The outcomes are unimportant.  What is most critical is this does not become what China has become, a ‘toxic culture’ because they covered all this up.

There is no immunity, no vaccine, and no way to control this unless we self discipline American fans, and keep them from catching the virus and then spreading it.

This isn’t something just happening in another far-away country or some third world nation.  It’s at our doorstep, in our national lifestyle.  We don’t want it in our bloodstream.

We don’t want panic.  We don’t want sickness.  The stock market has an illness now-global panic.  The US leadership, government to sports, needs to put a lid on this as best they can.

Don’t care about the standings, the scoreboard, or the playoff races.  Care that me and my family don’t get sick, my neighbor stays healthy, and this does not spread beyond the (1,110) here in the US already afflicted over just the last two weeks..

We shouldn’t care the next two weeks about wins or losses.  We have to be concerned about things that lead to ‘Death’ if the games are allowed to go on.


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