1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Emptying My Notebook”

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“Cleaning out my Notebook”


It’s put-up shut-up time for the PADRES.  Surprise  win in Oakland against the A’s, then disappointing loss, now coming home for 13-games up next against the bottom feeders, Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Marlins.  Could be a great winning streak before they see the Dodgers next August 24th.

Boo-hiss MLB, not for this year’s imbalanced schedule for the Padres, but now we find in 2022, the Friars will only meet the Dodgers 3-times from opening day till July 1st.  Then 15-games in August-September.  Makes no sense..

That was some turnout of fans railing on the Houston Astros at DODGERS STADIUM.  52,000-plus showing up screeching about the 2017 Houston World Series win, the sign stealing scandal.  Great signs.  Lost of hostility.  and how about the fans showing up with inflatable garbage cans and tossing them on the field?  To use a Joe Kelly quote, ‘take that bitch’

Look for a bltter-bloody legal battle with the DODGERS and the Union over the rest of the 102M-contract of Trevor Bauer.  Look for 50-game suspension from baseball, and then the Dodgers releasing him for violating Morals Clause in his contract.

Just awful time the ANGELS have had, the nearly season long injury to Mike Trout’s calf, and now the season ending surgery to Anthony Rendon for a hip impingement.  The franchise just seems cursed.

Everything is beautiful in the CHARGERS camp so far, but everyone admits the new offensive and defensive playbooks are pretty complex.  Love the quarterback.  Think their defensive front seven is really full of athletes who can run.  Only time will tell whether if they can be so young on both sides of the ball, and hold up when the bullets start flying.

Really looking forward to watching the RAMS on offense, with a big time thrower and leader in Matthew Stafford, a fiery competitor at that position, and a cross section of receivers and tight ends.  The offense down the field will be dangerous, just like that #1 ranked defense led by Aaron Donald.  Of course they are in a meat-grinder of a division with Arizona, Seattle and San Francisco.

Interesting look at the AZTECS preseason roster.  Brady Hoke has 19-offensive lineman and 14-defensive lineman, that’s nearly a third of his entire roster.  Big question, does he have any quality quarterbacks?

These conversations will be interesting to watch, the PAC 12-BIG 12 merger.  Does a 20-team conference spread from Los Angeles to West Virginia make sense?  Does cross scheduling make sense?  Would trading Colorado and Utah back to the other conference make sense?

Assume the MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE is holding its breath.  If they were to lose Boise State-BYU to the Big 12-it would be a death blow for the conference, shipping them back to the old Western Athletic Conference days.

Congrats to LANDON DONOVAN as the Galaxy announce they will put up a statue to honor his career in Major League Soccer.  It will be located outside their stadium in Carson, right next to David Beckham.



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