1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “NBA-Shockwave City on Both Coasts”

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“Shockwave City-New York-Los Angeles”


In New York, it was like a tidal wave finally arriving and sweeping it all out.

In Los Angeles, it was like an earthquake in the middle of the night.

The New York Knicks got rid of GM-Phil Jackson.

The Clippers dealt away star guard Chris Paul.

Big Chief Triangle, Jackson’s nickname from the glory years with the Bulls and Lakers, never-ever was able to take control of the job and do a good job.

His triangle offense never fit the players he was putting on the roster. His first coaching hire, Derek Fisher, could never make it work, and was taken out in the 2nd season. That came after he axed Mike Woodson. His last coaching hiring, Jeff Hornacek was nothing special.

Sources say he quit working hard, never being consumed like a Jerry Krause nor Jerry West was, when they built the Bulls and Lakers.

He never seemed to recover from the stunning rejection of Steve Kerr, who wanted no part of the New York basketball scene.

The roster was a hodge podge, of what he inherited, Carmelo Anthony and his bloated ego and contract, and then the drafting of soon to be super-star Kristaps Porzingas from Europe.

Jackson reached back to do deals that delivered a limited center Jokim Noah, and aging-past prime guard in Derrick Rose, and a collection of riff raff that didn’t seem to fit,nor play well.

Add in the drafting of French guard Frank Tilikin, whom may or may not get here next year.

Of course it all fits because of misfit owner James Dolan, last seen, arguing with former player Charles Oakley. Nice track record Dolan has put together. Walt Frazier and Willis Reed was a long time ago.

Jackson gets 24M, the final two years of his deal, to walk away. Dolan is left with a rag-tag roster, capped to hell, dragging with it an (80-166) record.

The Mecca, Madison Square Garden is a mess, but we all saw this tidal wave coming.

Out on the Left Coast, Jerry West made the statement, ‘change is painful-but sometimes you have to make changes’.

Goodbye CP3-who gave the Clippers great credibility, leadership, passion and pizzazz.

He was dealt in a sign and trade deal with the Houston Rockets, bringing back to LA, a package of shooting guard Patrick Beverly, fellow guard Lou Williamsk, young center Mont Harrell, 3-point shooter Sam Dekker, and a future first round draft pick.

The chemistry on the floor will change. Blake Griffin must still be re-signed, DeAndre Jordan is here, and maybe style of play will change under Doc Rivers.

Who knows if the Clippers can still be a player for Paul George of Indiana, who wants to come home to LA.

Chris Paul did lots of great things for the Clippers, but he could not do it by himself. In an NBA world, made up of multiple star players, LA is now down a man, and further away from Golden State and the other elite teams, than they were 24-hours ago.

Not sure Jerry West is done dealing. Still possibly a way to rachet up another deal tok be a Pacific Division quality team.

For sure the Knicks are farther away after wasting three years, thinking Phl-Jax could reinvent himself again.

Tidal wave damage pretty significant in New York. Earthquake damage still to be determined in Clipperland.


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