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“The Final Fall-Gang Member-NFL Player Dies”


So how are we supposed to feel about all this?

Aaron Hernandez goes from NFL stardom, to prison, to suicide.

He did it on the day his former team, the New England Patriots visited the White House.

Hernandez found innocent of double murders of 2-Dorchester men last week, supposedly was to meet with lawyer to plot plans for an appeal of his first murder conviction.

The stories are starting to circulate now that Hernandez could no longer cope with the reality of prison life. The solitary confinement for 19-hours a day in a maximum security prison cell.

Reports he had become insecure in prison, and had started consorting with inside prison gangs, seeking protection.

Reports he was doing synthetic drugs in prison, and that when he committed suicide by hanging himself with 2-sheets from the top window bars in his cell.

He he had written in red magic marker “John 3:16” on his forehead, and had put red dots on his hands and feet as if crucified.

He had spoken to Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, a former teammate at Florida, just the day before the death, with no notice something was wrong.

But people around the murder trial, said Hernandez was trying to be friendly with guards and staff members, entering and exiting the court, as if looking for companionship.

He wept when the not-guilty verdict was announced, but stunned when the judge gave him 5-additional years of prison time for illegal firearms conviction. Somebody shot those two Dorcester men with Hernandez guns.

The world has moved on. The Patriots keep winning. They got to keep much of the (5Y-40M) contract they gave Hernandez, just two weeks before the murder of Oden Lloyd, killed by the player, in a rage over a nightclub incident.

The Patriots released him 90-minutes after he was charged with murder in the first case, then ignored him after the conviction. They never interacted nor spoke of the player and person leading a double life.

Tight end football star, gang banger with a resume of incidents in and around Boston, his hometown in Bristol, Connecticut, and all the way back to Gainesville.,

Reports say no family members, not his monther, not his brother, not any friends, sat in the court during the 2nd trial, just his longtime fiancee, now a widow.

Oddly prison officials say he was about to be moved to medium security next month, which would have given him more freedom, the ability to hold down a courtyard work job, and interact with others.

Maybe Hernandez killed himself because he was marked man inside the walls.

Maybe he killed himself when the additional sentenced was tacked on to his lifetime sentence.

Maybe he killed himself when his body reacted to what drugs he had ingested that night.

Maybe it was the reaaction to the Patriots-White House visit, and the success and fun on the outside, while he sat and rotted on the inside.

What goes on behind walls sometimes never really gets out. We do know that max security prison in the Boston suburb of Shirley, Massachusettes, has had 27-suicides in 10-years.

Add Hernandez name to that roster.

Aaron Hernandez is dead at his own hand, just like he used his own hands to fire guns, killing one man, and more likely than not, two others, regardless of what the jury says.

How are we supposed to feel about all this? You tell me.

Aaron Hernandez must have thought he was ending his life in prison by hanging himself. It seems he has now committed himself to a life in whatever “hell” is…forever.


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