1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “NFL Free Agency-What Did They Get-For What They Spent”

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“NFL Free Agency-Wheeling-Dealing”


A spending spree covering 36-hours like we have never seen in the NFL-ever before.

Big money for big name players.

Big trades forced by unhappy players too.

As you. have breakfast on Thursday morning, there have now been 9-trades as the free agent window opened, and 70-players have already changed teams in free agency.

The names in ‘neon lights’ all got moved. So did the unhappy players demanding trades.

A look at what has happened so far:

LE’VEON BELL….must have cut class at Michigan State the day they taught new math. Sat out last year in Pittsburgh, walking away from a 14.5M-payday. He finally signed with the Jets, a (4Y-52M) deal, which averages out at 13M-a year, less than his Steelers deal. The big difference, the Jets gave him a 35M-guarantee in the package, so he gets paid if he ever gets hurt. A win for the Jets, big time production guy. I think a big loss for the way the Steelers do business.

ODELL BECKHAM….tired of his act, they shipped him off to the Browns, where he has a (5Y-98M) deal still on the books. You wonder if he stays healthy, if he stays happy? How long before he asks for a renegotiation. But winning cures ills, and the Browns sure have added lots of skill talent. As they say in Cleveland this morning, from (0-16) season to possible Super Bowl team in two short years.

ANTONIO BROWN…So long Steelers, hello Black Hole. This one bears watching in that the Raiders haven’t won much, losing is part of everything there, and AB is not used to losing games. No doubt he is dynamic and a big play guy. But he leaves the structure of a great organization to move to a dysfunctional team with questionable leadership. He got a payday(3Y-54M) and the Raiders have to deal with him for just the next three seasons. Probably a win-win for all sides, except in Pittsburgh, where you just don’t replace talent like that overnight.

DEE FORD…It’s weird to see the cleansing of everything on the defensive side of the ball with the Kansas City Chiefs. Goodbye to Ford, fellow LB-Justin Houston, and S-Eric Berry, all in the last 36-hours. He goes to the 49ers, and gets a huge payday (5Y-98M) and gives the Niners a huge defensive front with DeForest Buckner and Aric Armstead. Kansas City, who plays defense now?

NICK FOLES…Hello starting job, goodbye backup role, welcome that 22M a year contract in Jacksonville. Got to be better than Blake Bortels….Was (10-3) as a starter for the Eagles coming off the bench in the most important time of the year, playoffs and Super Bowl. Eagles got wins, then had to let him go with no compensation.

TREY FLOWERS…The Lions paid a ton to sign him away from New England. Now we see if Flowers is the same impact player outside the sphere of influence of Bill Belicheck’s defense, playing for his ex-Pats coordinator Matt Patricia.

EARL THOMAS…When last season, leaving the field with a broken leg, he gave the Seahawks sidelines, and the fans the finger. Now he will play in Baltimore in a pass happing AFC-North Division. But as he moved in, moving out were a bunch of quality Ravens veterans CJ Mosely and Eric Weddle.

TYRELL WILLIAMS…Woe is us, he winds up in the division, as the ex-Chargers big play, stand tall receiver, winds up with the Raiders to play the opposite side to Antonio Brown. A pay upgrade the Chargers should have made. You cannot ignore 13-receptions of 40-yards or more and all those 75-yard TD catches while with the Bolts. A (4Y-44M) with 22M guaranteed….The Bolts could have rearrange monies to keep him-but didn’t….Raiders win-Chargers loss.

TYRANN MATHIEU….Big payday to go from Houston to Kansas City. Not bad for someone Arizona got rid of just a couple of years ago. Is he a real difference maker, I don’t know? They got rid of veteran Eric Berry to sign him. Who’s he going to play with?

CJ MOSELY…A warrior of an inside linebacker, now goes to the woeful NY Jets as part of a big couple of days of signing. Will be interesting to see if he has the same impact in New York, because he sure won’t have the big stud defensive lineman he had in Baltimore. They gave him a (5Y-85M) package but is there enough around him?

TRENT BROWN…That’s a lot of money, (4Y-66) to go from New England to Oakland. We see if the coaching with the Raiders is as good as he got in New England. Might be a huge gamble.

TYROD TAYLOR…A surprise Charges signing…can play…does not turn the ball over….competed and made Buffalo competitive….not the longterm replacement for Philip Rivers but if he goes down, Taylor will be better than any of the backups they’ve had in years.

THOMAS DAVIS…Know this, he’s tough, he’s smart, he’s a leader. Enough said for this short term linebacker rental from Carolina.


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