1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “NFL Job Openings-Pretty Good Situations-Not Bad Teams”

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“NFL Coaching Jobs-Let the Bidding Begin”


Usually when NFL teams fire head coaches, the new guy coming in feels like he is entering ‘3-Mile Island’….nothing left…no one around.

Not this time, eventhough there are 8head coaching jobs open as of this morning.

The reason? 5-of-the 8-job openings come with quality quarterbacks in house, so new coaches will have a chance to build out, build around the talent they inherit at the most important position in the NFL.

Here’s a look at the best-to-worst job openings:

CLEVELAND….Baker Mayfield grew up on the job at quaterback, winning 5-of-8 games after they fired Hue Jackson. The other rookie, running back Nick Chubb finished up the season in spectacular fashion. They have Miles Garrett on defense and lots of young players in house. They could win for years, after all the years of horrible losing. Cleveland may no longer be the mistake on the lake. An ideal landing spot for Mike McCarthy, the ex Packers coach, if they don’t retain Defensive Coordiantor Gregg Williams, who finished up as interim head coach. If not McCarthy, then Josh McDaniels off the Bill Belicheck tree.

TAMPA BAY….Jameis Winston puts up big numbers, but also turns the ball over. They have quality at skill positions around the QB, but the defense under achieved. They need a really strong leader to refine all of Winston’s traits. This place could be an oasis in the desert, and become a winner again, with the right coach on offense to lead them. Does Josh McDaniels of the Patriots sound right to you?

GREEN BAY….You have Aaron Rodgers with time still left on the clock. They have a strong leader in Mark Murphy as CEO, and have decided to become players in free agency. The defense needs a rebuild and they must add more skill to an aging offense. Could be an ideal landing place for Pat Fitzgerald-Northwestern if he wants to leave the college ranks. Otherwise a hot young coordinator might get the chance. Worked the last time with McCarthy didn’t it?

NYJETS….Sam Darnold had a very good rookie season, with alot of injuries around him. Just think what healthy receivers and running backs could mean to the young USC passing star. The defensive front, once a cornerstone, needs a rebuild, but they did play hard for just fired Todd Bowles. It may be New York, a media market, an angry fan base, but it’s Darnold’s team. Can you say McCarthy, McDaniels, or a longshot in college coach Kliff Kingsbury?

DENVER….You would think the Elway factor would be a lure, but now you wonder? Elway might still be the best QB in the building, and he doesn’t play anymore. And he screwed this thing up multiple ways. See the QB-history of Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Chad Kelly, and the money he just gave Case Keenum. Add into that some strange drafts. Some think an experienced defensive hand like Chuck Pagano, others think a throwback choice of Mike Shanahan or even Gary Kubiak. Elway’s legacy as a GM is really on the line now.

MIAMI…Rudderless operation. GM on thin ice. Owner is out of town, not in building. Surely not the Don Shula era is it? QB-Ryan Tannehill has had two knee injuries and never been the same. Might be coaching. Might be decisions to get rid of skill Jarvis Landry-Jay Ajayi. They really need a culture change, if not a QB change too. Maybe Brian Flores of the Patriots?

CINCINNATI…Forever cheap, forever a loser, owner Mike Brown. History has shown hiring unknowns, or the lowest cost coach you can get. Team in midst of rebuild,needs a reset in leadership too. Does a young aspiring coach like Eric Bienemy or Kris Richard get a chance here? What they really need is a proven leader, but not sure a Jeff Fisher type fixes this. How about Shanahan? How about Gregg Williams? How about Mike Brown stepping aside?

ARIZONA….The Bidwill family always seems to screw it up;. Now they have a struggling GM. They fired another coach after one year on the job. They have a rookie QB in Josh Rosen, who did not improve. They need lots of things. They did find Ken Whisenhunt years ago and got to the post season. They did discover Bruce Ariens skill-leadership level. They need someone to help the kid QB. A young hot coordinator like Pete Carmichael of the Saints or Matt LaFleur of the Titans? Would Josh McDaniels be an ideal fit, bringing all he learned in New England and what he learned after failure in Denver?

You can fix a franchise. Look at the Rams (Sean McVay), the Chargers (Anthony Lynn), the Seahawks (Pete Carroll) became. We all come from somewhere.

These open jobs don’t resemble 3-Mile Island…at least not this year.

Shall be interesting what happens next after the NFL’s ‘Black Monday’


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