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NFL Talk-Will There Be Action?”


The NFL. Everybody has an opinion.

Not about the games, but about the incidents.

President Trump, taking time out from all his initiatives, continues to tweet away pounding away at the NFL.

His continued tirades about the National Anthem have led to a league wide meeting, in a conversation that might have some real meaning.

At issue is whether the NFL players decisions to kneel, turn their back, raise fists, or stay in the lockeroom during the National Anthem, is disrespectful?

Trump, who is in the middle of all types of battles, with North Korea, Mexico, Iran, the trauma of hurricanes, the mess that is health care, and all the investigations surrounding his presidency, thinks the NFL’s refusal to mandate ‘all must stand for the anthem’, is disrespectful.

The NFL’s Roger Goodall says his players are not disrespecting the flag, but rather using free speech to discuss inequality and social issues.

The 4-hour meeting on Tuesday will lead to more meetings. The sessions are not to placate Trump, but rather find a common ground where the league can move forward as a spokesman for racial inequities.

Past history involving NFL issues has always involved talks and meetings, but not many solutions.

This might be different, because these are real life issues impacting society, and society is in love with lots of things in the NFL.

Look for the league, union and its players to set up committees to continue dialogue, on how to deliver messages to society.

The NFL wants its players to deliver messages in each of their individual cities, each city with sets of problems.

Can NFL players, standing infront of the NFL shield, deliver messages in all the NFL cities, about the need to deal with police brutality….respect of police….drugs…violence…domestic abuse and the family structure?

That should be the goal coming out of Tuesday’s meetings.

The NFL should put in place foundations in each NFL city, using some of their profits, and lots of their clouts for programs to help families, education, the poor and more.

NFL players need to give back to their respective communities.

The league is besieged with issues, some of their own doing, some of them societal problems, some out of their control.,

The concussion lawsuits, the appearance of unmitigated greed by franchises, the domestic abuse incidents off the field, the on going struggle with player discipline, the anger over franchise relocation and more.

It’s not just about faltering TV ratings, it is really about the NFL’s image, priorities and credibility.

Owners like Jed York spoke openly of having a better understanding of what social issues bother players, and it’s more than just Colin Kaeperneck.

Players like Russell Okung and Eric Reid says there is a plan in place but now they have to find action.

We should all be bothered by the Ferguson,Missouri’s of the world, what happened in Charleston, in Las Vegas and plenty of places in between.

Now the NFL Players, its Union and the owners need to join hands, become leaders, and help bring America back together.

And at the same time ignore the noise coming out of the White House.

Maybe the NFL can unify this country in a time of need, since it is apparent the President cannot.

Time to turn the talk into quality action.

The NFL is in trouble, but then so is the USA.

We’ve heard the talk. Now let’s see some action.


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