1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “NFL Roster-Look Who’s Playing-Look Who’s Not-Why?”

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NFL Roster-Look Who’s Playing-Look Who’s Not?


The clock keeps ticking.

NFL teams are fighting for their playoff lives.

Starting quarterbacks keep going down with injuries.

And Colin Kaeperneck remains unemployed.

It has been 2-plus years since the 49ers quarterback took a knee, refused to stand for the National Anthem, began a career long protest about inhuman treatment to minorities.

He hasn’t played in a game since the middle of the 2016-season, his career hampered by injuries, shoulder, knee, and the injury to the NFL-shield.

Some will say he lost his desire. Lost his strength when he became a vegan.

Others will say he is not a perfect fit for the NFL pro passing package.

The quiet conversation, behind the curtain, is that no one will touch him because of the PR firestorm it would cause to bring him onto a roster. The public backlash for signing someone who refused to stand for the flag.

In that span of time, 17-of the 32-teams in the NFL have lost their quarterbacks, with a wide variety of serious injuries.

Pick a team, and most have had something bad happen to them.

Washington, losing both starter Alex Smith, and backup Colt McCoy with broken legs.

Arizona’s Carson Palmer knocked into retirement with age and knee problems.

The Broncos two quarterbacks of a year ago, gone by injury and poor play, and yet no deal to replace Trevor Siemian nor Brock Osweiler, when Denver was desperate.

The Vikings lost both Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford with year long knee issues.

The Bengals losing Andy Dalton to a thumb surgery.

Baltimore’s Joe Flacco out with hip problems.

Marcus Mariota, constantly hurt in Tennessee.

Miami’s Ryan Tannehill tearing his knee ligament twice.

Arizona losing Sam Bradford with knee problems.

The 49ers season surrendered when Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt early.

The Bills going thru 4-quarterbacks, because of injuries to Josh Allen.

Cleveland, forever looking for a QB, never called despite having to use 29-different quarterbacks, before throwing 1st round pick Baker Mayfield out onto the field.

The Colts going two full seasons without Andrew Luck, post shoulder surgery.

NFL teams have fed their fans a steady diet of Josh Johnson, Braden Weeden, Thad Lewis, Drew Stanton, Mark Sanchez, Matt Moore, Derek Anderson, and many more.

Kaeperneck’s success in San Francisco was decent, considering they were in rebuild mode when he finally went down. Decent numbers, over 12,000-yards passing, 300-rushing…72TDs-30 interceptions, and a 59% completion rate.

Maybe the rap he is a read option QB who doesn’t fit most systems has validity. Maybe lack of arm strength and loss of weight by virtue of his lifestyle, carries some credibility too.

But there’s more to Kaeperneck than kneeling down, and having players on every team (stand) next to him, by themselves kneeling, sitting, holding up fists, linking arms, or refusing to come out of the tunnel.

The courage Kaeperneck showed is amazing. But for him, it was never about the flag, It was about guns, killings, gangs, police shootings, inhumane treatment, and profiling. The NFL finally did react by meeting with players on all teams to try and develop programs to help their cities about social issues.

As he sat and watched games and seasons go by, Kaeperneck spent money. A 1-million dollar donation to school programs in both Oakland and San Francisco. Charity donations to program that mean something to his cause on injustice.
Funds for just released prison inmates to get them on their feet. Donations to wounded warriors. A huge donation to build a children’s hospital in Africa.

The fans, the media, may have reacted wrongly in how they portrayed Colin Kaeperneck.

NFL owners, you know the kind who hate negative PR, ran for cover when his name came up for a vacant roster slot, even with their team in trouble..

Isn’t it odd though, these are the same owners who’d sign an Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Reuben Foster, Josh Gordon, some of the real NFL ilk, who’ve been suspended in the past, will be suspended in the future.

You tell me which is worse? What Kaeperneck did, kneeling for issues he felt America should stand up for, or what the Kareem Hunt-Reuben Foster have done recently?

NFL-Who Do You Believe, and Why Do You Believe Colin Kaeperneck, is without a job.? Give me an answer.


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