1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Padres Baseball-Going to Get Worse-Before It Gets Better”

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“Bad-Getting Worse-Before It Can Get Better”


Andy Green is really a bright light to deal with.

A baseball junkie, street smart guy, intelligent, handles the media well, blunt honest, and I assume can be tough on his players behind closed doors.

His Padres franchise is a mess.

In fact, thru all the bad years of Padres baseball, and there have been lots, they have had some gruesome days with Andy Green as manager.

Not his fault, he is a victim. Just like the Padres fans are.

The Colorado Rockies beatdown yesterday at Coors Field was hideous. An (18-4) trashing-thrashing. Nolan Arenado had 5-hits in a row..including 3-straight home runs. The Padres were down (12-0) only 3-innings in, and then suffered more.

A wretched 3-game series. The Rockies scored 36-runs in 27-innings against Padres pitching, and this from a Colorado team that stumbled in have lost 16-of-21 coming into the slugfest series at Coors Field.

Andy Green is now (108-148) in a year and a half in the early phases of rebuilding.

He has had to sit in this dugout and deal with a (15-0) first game loss to the Dodgers. You do remember that series? LA swept all 3-games to kick off the 2016 season, outscoring Green’s guys (25-0).

This year has been horrible…with 12-losses already when the opponent has scored 10-or-more runs.

The team stats are staggering. Last in hitting, on base percentage, near the bottom in slugging percentage.. First in strikeouts. One of the worst ERAs in baseball. And pretty shabby fielding in the outfield from virtually anyone and everyone.

We know you don’t win when you hit (.231)…strikeout (891) times. When your team has a (4.68-ERA)…starters at (4.90)…relievers at (4.50).

Help is on the way, but not for a couple of years. The farm system is getting results virtually at every level, but these young players are no where near ready to play at the majors, regardless of what they are doing at Tri Cities, Ft Wayne, Lake Elsinore, San Antonio or even El Paso.

Look at the Dodgers, Rockies, Diamondbacks. Look at their lineups compared to San Diego. Look at those pitching staffs vs the rag-tag outfit of refugees Andy Green has to choose from.

One other set of stats. After AJ Preller burned thru all that money he took on with the contracts of Matt Kemp-Justin Upton-Melvin Upton-James Shields and more, his team has a combined (162-236) record.

Since the day he fired Bud Black, the Preller-led-Padres are (148-213)…and his hand-chosen manager is (108-148).

And to add to the angst..the hated Dodgers have won 31-of-35. You’ll find them in 1st place at (66-29)..with an 11-game winning streak.

Sadly it seems it’s going to get worse, maybe alot worse, before it gets any better.

Andy Green can’t do anything about it, for he has to manage the players Preller gives him.

And that’s pretty bad. It’s like we’re heading to an all time low in San Diego


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