1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Thursday “Padres Star–Talented or Tainted?”

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“Opinions-Here & There on Manny-Ball”


Thoughts about some of the storylines I am looking at.

MANNY MACHADO….’Reputation precedes you”. Big uproar nationwide about what happened in the Tuesday night incident with Arizona C-John Paul Ryan.

The home plate umpire called him out for interfering with the catcher on a short pop foul ball that drifted down the first base line.

It appears Machado-Murphy may have clicked feet coming out of the batters box. Both were spinning, looking up at the ball. The foot contact seemed incidental to me, but because Machado was out of the batters box, his momentum caused that, there seemed to be the slightest contact.

Murphy didn’t stumble, in fact he took 5-steps down the line tracking the fly ball as both he and Machado looked into the sky.

What happened next was the bigger issue.

Mach ado threw his bat down the first base line and he started to jog to the base. He threw it parallel to the path Murphy was running, and if the wind had blown the ball a bit further, the catcher would have stepped on the bat.

All types of questions now swirl I want you to consider.

The foot contact seemed accidental?.

The bat toss to me seemed intentional didn’t it?

Explain to me why Machado just stood there looking up at the pop up, which started in fair ground, why was he not running it out?

Did the umpire make a mistake prejudging Machado for interference, because the whole world knows his 2-intentional incidents on the base paths in last year’s World Series?

Is Machado wrong for uttering a statement in the clubhouse, ‘it’s just baseball’…the same cop out excuse he used last year after the ugly playoff incidents?

Is he aware he might not be given the ‘benefit of the doubt’ going forward in any type of incidents?

Is he putting himself at risk by this type of style of play, remembering that legendary P-Pedro Martinez had a reputation for dirty play for throwing at hitters regardless of the situation?

Words like cheap stunt…bush league…dirty player…resurfaced almost immediately.

Machado. Great talent-no doubt…tainted personality-maybe?


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