1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Padres-They Were Wrong”

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“Padres-They Were Wrong”


It was ugly, it was uncalled for, it was dangerous.

And the Padres are to blame for it.

The Wednesday loss to the Rockies was overshadowed by the retaliation, hit batsman, and then the bench clearing brawl.

On Tuesday night, Manny Margot was hit in the upper ribs by a sailing fastball from reliever Bryan Shaw. He wound up on the disabled list. Luckily, there were no fractures.

It was an errant pitch. There was no way Shaw was throwing at Margot, in a tight game, in which the Rockies were trying to stop the losing at home in an early season tailspin.

On Wednesday, the game went off track early. The Margot incident was followed by a worse incident. Luis Perdomo plunking Trevor Story early in the game. Obviously a message of retaliation.

That prompted Hunter Renfroe getting hit with a retaliation pitch from the Rockies..

Then Perdomo nailed Nolan Arenado up high in the third inning. It was a dangerous pitch, that hit him on the upper shoulder, close enough it could have hit him in the neck, on the ear, or on the side of the face.

Then came the bench clearing brawl, and five ejections.

Now there is serious bad blood that will be carried forward.

I am all for standing up for teammates, but this was wrong, it was dangerous.

Perdomo should be suspended for his stupidity. Arenado will get suspended for going to the mound.

It was needless, foolish,, and plain wrong. Plunking a guy on the legs, his backside, his feet, is different than going to the head.

It was not errant, it was intenful, and that’s not what baseball is all about.

People get hurt with beanballs. Google the sad ending of Tony Conigliaio’s career.

I’ve never understood the rationale, ‘he hit a homer off me-I’m going to throw at him’.

Maybe baseball should pass a a rule,you hit me with a ball, let me go to the mound with a bat to even things out.

That’s as stupid as what Luis Perdomo did.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Padres-They Were Wrong””

  1. Mike says:

    Arranado did not get hit! Pitch was behind him!

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