1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Patriots Way–Belichick Brilliance”

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“Patriots Football–Old School”


So I watched the New England Patriots-Buffalo Bills-cold weather game this past week, and alot of football flashed back into my mind.

it was cold, it was windy, it had snow squalls, and it was vintage old school football.

It reminded me of watching something authored by Vince Lombardi and the cold weather wins of the Green Bay Packers.

It looked like the days of the wayback machine days of Bronco Nagurski and Red Grange of the Bears.

Run-run-run and win.

The Patriots pounded their way to a (14-10) windblown win in Buffalo, where the winds blew 25-miles an hour, there were snow squalls and the wind chills reached 23-degrees mid game.

No problem for Bill Belichick, as he gave you, me and all the NFL fans and haters, a sample of  how he can reinvent himself and his team.

The record book takes up tons of pages covering his wins, his records, his Super Bowl appearances.  He is (320-152) in an amazing career of starts-stops-firings-hirings-defections too.

6-Super Bowl rings as a head coach.  2-more as a defensive coordinator.  A ton of player acquisition accomplishments and some player draft-and-free agent failures.

Belichick is forever linked to his quarterback find of Tom Brady.  Forever attached to the free spending owner Bob Kraft allows him to execute

Linked too to a collection of assistants who have done great things on his staff, the latest being Josh McDaniels-his gifted coordinator

The philosophy should be ‘the way you play-the day you play’.

The Patriots became a throwback team last Sunday, running the ball 31-plays in a row in the raw-cold weather, breaking the Buffalo Bills spirit and shutting up their fans.  The Pats quarterback Mac Jones had 2-completions in the win, just 3-passes attempted in the win.  it goes back to 1946 tying a record for fewest completions in a win.

Belichick wants to win the game today.  He has no interest in talking about yesterday or yesteryears.  Does not care about next week either.

He just continues to do it with a wide variety of players.  Take his rookie QB from Alabama.  A week ago Mac Jones threw for (310-2TD) in a must win game.  This past week he was relegated to handing off to 3-different running backs all night long.

It’s vintage ‘Hoodie Football’…from his first QB in Foxboro Drew Bledsoe-to Tom Brady-now Mac Jones

The same coach who decided he could make the free spirit Randy Moss do things at wide receiver; who tolerated all the personal troubles  Aaron Hernandez dragged with him; allowed a militant Corey Dillon to be part of his team; and figured out how ex-Chargers Rodney Harrison and Junior Seau could make contributions.

He’s always reinventing, rebuilding an offensive line, changing out defensive stars like Richard Seymour or Vince Wilfolk, picking up castoffs like Patrick Chung or Stephon Gilmour.

Sunday was fascinating.  He went jumbo alot.  Extra tight ends, six offensive lineman.  In fact the jumbo packages took more snaps that the wide receivers got in the cold-weather clobbering.

The Patriots win anyway they have too, from having Bledsoe throw 21-straight passes in a game seasons ago to Sunday night’s slam-bam fest with 31-straight running plays.

There is no abyss in New England.  Just success.

It was a ‘Messy Masterpiece’ in the snow-wind-cold.

It was another Patriots win and that’s all the ‘hoodie’ cares about.

Do not disturb him…’Mad Scientist’ at work.

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