1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Rams-vs-Chargers-vs-LA Fans”

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“Chargers–Just Asking”


The Rams had their Super Bowl Parade in Los Angeles.

Now the off season begins.
Signing your own free agents.
Hiring new assistant coaches.
Embarking on free agency
Getting ready for the NFL draft.

It’s pretty much the same in most cities.

But in Los Angeles, there’s lots more going on.

The Rams have taken over the market.
The Chargers are off the radar.

The Rams are now being mentioned in the same sentence with the Dodgers-Lakers conversation.

it seems the Chargers have fallen into the relevance of the Clippers.

Think about these situations.

Blue and Gold confetti at So Fi stadium, saluting the Rams blue and gold.
Owner Stan Kroenke, Lombardi Trophy in hand, shouting ‘Rams House’
The Commissioner saluting the Rams owner for building the ‘Rams House’
The Hollywood sign on the Hills, converted to a ‘Rams House’ sign
The Rams parade for the Super Bowl.
..Rams draw whopping 36-TV rating in Los Angeles on Sunday

Then consider all this:

Dean Spanos being sued by his sister Dea for mismanagement-debt ridden team

Spanos being sued by his nephews for misappropriation of trust funds

Spanos being sued by Mike Aguirre for violations of NFL relocation rules

Spanos being informed of IRS payment violations amounting to 5.8M in back taxes plus 25% interest.

Who owns the market?
Who won the Super Bowl?

Today just like the first day they moved in 2017 for the Bolts.  An afterthought, off the radar, and the outsider unable to get into the LA sports spotlight.

Team Spanos…How’s the Fight for LA going these days?


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