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“What Were You Watching on TV?”


That lst weekend of NFL preseason came and went across the US.

And here in San Diego, the first weekend without our team, the Chargers here, and all wondered how the fans would react, how they would handle it, what would they watch.

Well the Sunday TV ratings are in, and to my surprise, the NFL still attracts viewers here in San Diego.

According to my TV sources, these were the Sunday TV ratings in this market.

(7.2) share..Chargers-Seahawks
(3.4) share..PGA Golf Championships
(3.1) share..Padres game
(1.7) share..NASCAR-Michigan 400
(1.1) share..Yankees-Red Sox
(0.7) share..Lions-Colts game

Of course we cannot determine if that big share for the Chargers game was made up of solely Chargers fans, who root for the team, or NFL fans intrigued to see what the NFL layout for the Stub Hub Center looked like, or if they were haters hoping to see the worst beating a Spanos owned team has had in preseason in years.

The angst, anger, dislike continues to spill out across the city. A number of sports bars did not show the game. Lots of those replying to twitter were heaping venom comments towards the team now in LA.

It was fascinating to see what the layoff at Stub Hub would be like. But it was stunning to see tarps over end zone seats, and empty seats lots of places.

It was interesting to listen to the CBS-broadcast team.

Spiro Dedes, the play-by-play guy, kept up a steady stream of comments about this being an emotional weekend, but never really openly discussed the story in depth, about what new fans were experiencing, and what fans betrayed back home must have felt.

Hall of Famer Dan Fouts was clearly uncomfortable with any conversation about the history of the Chargers, what happened last off season, what the owner did, what the fans and former players would feel.

On field analyst Alex Flanganan, gushed, smiled, and gave us ‘wow’ moments about the arrival of this team in LA, ignoring the hard core questions you’d think an NFL network reporter would ask.

You would have thought there were would have been segments about all the new features of the futbol stadium that now houses football. You’d think there’d be something about tailgate parties, unless there weren’t any int he parking lot.

We got lots of pictures of fans holding up the “12” sign, signifying Seahawks fans were in the house. We saw tons of big plays, mostly all made by Seattle guys.

It was a sanitized broadcast. Thank goodness, because the Chargers performance on the field, soiled their potential. A horrific beating as the Seattle backups buried the Bolts backups once the starters were pulled after two series.

Onto this weekends game with the Saints, and the question, will fans come back and watch this Sunday’s game on TV here in San Diego?

And if the fans watching, will be rooting for the Chargers to lose every game going forward?


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