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“Sports Stories-Life’s Shocking Story”


It would normally be a day to talk about all the storylines in sports, but everything has been overshadowed by what happened in Florida. Every time I wanted to start writing about the hot stories of the day, I was overwhelmed by the depths of the tragedy.

….Shohei Ohtani comes to the Angels camp.

At least 17-dead in the terrible shooting at that Florida high school. No rhyme, no reason, just another sordid tragedy at a different location in America.

..Lakes give up 139-points in a loss to New Orleans.

The shock of the shootings deepened when you hear stories that the gunman had written on Facebook multiple times about his private wish to shoot people, shoot police officers.

..Raiders release Sebastian Janikowski

In a social media society you wonder how people, who read things written by the shooter, could do nothing, not confront him, not go to police officials, not take action to try and prevent this.

..Team USA loses to Slovenia in hockey

Parkland, Florida is the dateline for this tragedy, but it’s like all the rest. Columbine… Charleston, South Carolina…..Orlando…….Las Vegas……Connecticut…..Virginia Tech….it’s everywhere.

..Tito Francona passes

Washington, DC, should be the next deadline….Congress needs to act, step across the aisle, and find away to deal with the 300M guns that are out there in America, legally and more so illegally.

..Tim Lincecum holds private workout for teams.

The rhetoric needs to end across America. We worry about ISIS, religious terrorists, North Korea, the Trump administration, natural disasters, diseases and more. But guns and murder, all these tragedies, are as bad as anything else our country is trying to live thru. It will never end till all sides come together to solve who can and cannot get access to guns.

..Guns + Mental Illness = Tragedy.

That story is more important than any of the sports stories out there at this hour. So sad what our country must deal with, again.


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