1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Stars-Coming & Going”

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“Heroes Coming & Going”


1-great one will be back in the spotlight today.
1-great one will be put into the ground and laid to rest today.

Tiger Woods, the one you know.
Bud Moore, the one you should know.

Tiger is back on the Pro Golf landscape, teeing off today in the Bahamas Open, hoping he will be able to recapture some of his past glory, after all his problems.

Bud Moore will be buried with full honors today in North Carolina, a name the US might not know, but a man everyone who follows NASCAR auto racing reveres.

Woods life has been on a downhill ski slope for years. He has 79-career wins but none since 2014. His last Grand Slam event was here at Torrey Pines, when he won the US Open playing with a fractured leg.

His career has been derailed like much of his personal life. 4-back surgeries, the DUI arrest and the admittance to abuse of painkillers. His ugly divorce after his run of adulteress relationships.

Woods lost his wife, kids, credibility and sponsors. He career successes in his rear view mirror. His flaws, addictions, lies, coverups, out there for everyone to see.

And now he sees if he can recapture any of his golf magic, healthy, and clean of all the painkiller addictions that haunted him.

Moore was one of the original ‘good old boys’ from the deep south. But he was so much more than just a NASCAR engine builder and then successful owner.

Moore left Dixie to join up in World War II. He was in the Batle of the Bulge, won 2-Bronze Stars for heroism, and 5-Purple Hearts.

He came home to do what his heart told him to do. Build race car engines, get into ownership, become a superstar at the tracks in the Deep South.

In his era, he hired and won with a litany of Hall of Fame drivers. The Honor Roll includes Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip, Bobby Allison, David Pearson, Buck Baker, Cale Yarborough, and two who lost their lives racing for him Fireball Roberts and Joe Weatherly.

Tiger Woods and Bud Moore. Their signatures forever touching the sports they loved. One hopes to live on. The other leaves us forever.

An interesting day ahead of us.


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