1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Thursday “Tons of Topics on the Table”

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“Tons of Topics on the Table”


Padres..GM-AJ Preller is back from his suspension and wants you to believe he and his front office people made a mistake in setting up files about data with injured players and that there was no intent to mislead anyone in trade talks….And how many years does he have in baseball, and ditto the same question for key execs like Don Welke, Logan White and Fred Uhlman?

Chargers..CB-Brandon Flowers is back practicing but you wonder how long he holds up, having had 3-concussions in two and a half years in San Diego…He should be worried about his future health.

Aztecs..It’s amazing the number DJ Pumphrey is ringing up at San Diego State, even more amazing, not much buzz in this community about the kid bypassing Marshall Faulkt’s records and moving up the NCAA rushing charts. The LA Times put it properly, great player, playing before empty seats, in late night television games, no one around the country watches.

Lakers..A surprise debut for the debut of Luke Walton as coach, this outgunning of the Houston Rockets last night. LA hits 12-3’s, and rallies with a very strong 4th quarter to beat down the James Hardin-led Rockets.

Clippers…Opening night for them on the road as fans of the franchise await a breakthru season. Anything short of reacing the NBA West finals means they should break up this team…they have enough franchise players, but just have not been able to get to the promised land of playing into April.

Cubs-Indians…You cna shut them out, shut them down for a bunch of innings, but what are you going to do in a 7-game series with the Cubs batting order. Chicago mashed the Indians pitchers to even the series at (1-1) and send it back to Wrigley Field with the Cubs holding home field advantage.

Gulls..Not sure what was more disappointing, the Ducks taking top goalie Dustin Tokarski to Anaheim, just a week into the season, the Gulls Matt Hackett giving up 6-goals to Stockton, or the lowest crowd ever to see the AHL team (5600-plus) at the Valley View Casino Center.

NFL on TV…The television ratings across the board on NFL telecasts are plunging, including the historic Monday Night Football, the Sunday Night games and the Thursday matchups. Reasons, maybe saturation, maybe Donald Trump on TV, or maybe alot of bad teams being scheduled in prime time games, where those TV events used to be “must watch matchups

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