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“Questions Worth Asking”


As we sit here paralyzed at home by the Virus-Crisis, questions worth asking.

The modern day athlete makes so much money, they live in a different world, different solar system, with different priorities.

It has been interesting to follow what some of the unique people in sports have done this week in the midst of our national nitemare.

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and family donating 25M to virus research, the Red Cross, Goodwill and more.

Atlanta owner Arthur Blank donating 5.4M to virus research in Atlanta.

Drew Brees putting up 5M for research in New Orleans.

Major league teams, led by Padres owner Ron Fowler, pledging 1M apiece to pay the salaries of their club employees during the shutdown.

The NFL and the Union putting up some 10M for charities in cities.

The Rams, led by Andrew Whitworth and Jared Goff, raising 2.2M in four hours on a telethon and putting 500,000 of their own money into the LA Food Bank Fund.

Individual players doing charitable things for their hometowns food banks and their own NFL cities.

The Cardinals Adam Wainwright, and the Astros Justin Verlander,  forwarding 250,000 to help pay the minor leaguers in the St. Louis and Houston farm systems, whose money runs out April 9th.

NHL players funding-donating money to food banks in their respective cities.

But not everyone has done something.

Couldn’t, shouldn’t the Padres players making 30M a year be doing something in San Diego.  Manny Machado and Eric Hosmer and Will Myers have the where-with-all.

Where are the richest NBA players, like the Lakers LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and all those 30M men?  Should they not be front and center leading a drive for contributions.

Where is Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the billionaires of their sport?

Why the silence?

It would be awesome to see the ‘name athletes’ in each sport come together, and put together 1- national fund raising drive, that could-would-should include citizens, to pour resources in to help the hospitals and first responders, rally together.

A ‘Go Fund Me’ drive, a  “Crush Covid” national fund to bring the US together is this most critical time of need.

The superstars, in self isolation, can step out, should step out, and become leaders for our nation, in a very different spotlight.

Questions worth asking.


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