1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Alabama-Roll Tide–Becomes—Low Tide”

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Alabama Football-Roll Tide-Becomes-Low Tide”


I grew up on Long Island, right in the village of Northport, where we had a harbor right at the end of Main Street, going right into Long Island Sound..

Beautiful to look at. Fun to be around, even play in, but not at certain times during the day.

Not at low tide, where there always was a bit of an aroma, you did not want to be near.

Clemson destroyed Alabama last night in the National Championship game in Santa Clara. By the time they were done, you could sense it, you could almost smell it, low tide in Tuscaloosa.

Nick Saban, the coach of the elite of the elite programs in the country, looked nauseous last night from the middle of the first quarter on. His team played like sewage most of the night.

You would not expect a Saban-led team, his record (157-24) at Bama, to get knocked out like this.

Clemson’s firebrand coach Dabo Swinney entered the game with a (123-35) career record at the South Carolina school. He was excited all night, including screaming at his defensive coordinators midway thru the first quarter, ‘do your job’. They sure did once they got their sea legs.

When it was over, it was a Clemson blowout win, no one could see coming.

Clemson’s true freshman QB-Trevor Lawrence was dazzling, throwing to 8-different receiver, pushing his passing yardage to nearly 400-yards.

His freshman running back Travis Etienne scored three times in the first half when the game was in doubt.

This gem of a freshman wide receiver, Justyn Ross, caught 8-passes for 147-yards by halftime.

It was a shocker to see Alabama wilt, or maybe quit, as the game went on.

Heisman Trophy candidate QB-Tua Tagovailoa started hot, went cold, and fell apart. They benched him by the 4th quarter. He got hit. He was picked off. He fumbled. He got rattled.

Bama’s trio of running backs got shutdown. No big nites for Damien Harris, Najee Harris, nor Josh Jacobs.

When was the last time a team wearing Crimson Red was stopped on the goaline. Not once, but there were 3-different goal line stands by the Tigers.

4th down stops. A faked field goal, gone awry. Personal fouls. Dropped passes. Quarterback sacks. Blown coverages. False starts. Holding calls. A total lack of composure.

All that on Alabama’s resume last night.

When it was done, Swinney hugged each of his seniors in the wake of the (44-16) win, the second national title for Clemson, and then he used network TV to sell his recruiting pitch about wearing the colors, touching the rock, and continuing the tradition.

There has been great history at the South Carolina school. Football under Frank Howard back in the day was very good. Danny Ford led them to great times in the ACC. But this version of Dabo’s dudes is something special.

And for a nation that is tired of all things SEC football, or upset at the the dominance-arrogance of Alabama, the nation must be cheering, that Saban went down the way his team did.

As the confetti flew, there smiles on one sideline, tears on the other.

And Clemson became the first college team ever to go (15-0), and they did it at the hands of the modern times best program, Alabama.

If you like the color Orange, Clemson repped well. And Alabama has to go home with the odor of a terrible loss, for ‘Roll Tide’ sure smelled like ‘Low Tide’.


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3 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Alabama-Roll Tide–Becomes—Low Tide””

  1. Doug c says:

    Best Pac 10 team middle road sec team

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Pac 12 athletics really down….compared to SEC, Big 10…

      Think leadership of Pac 12 is weak…marketing of conference is worse…
      Pac 12 network is nowhere equal to other conference networks…

      SEC teams just received 43M per school…Pac 12 gets 21M a year each…

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