1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Alabama-You might not like them-But You should respect them”

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“Roll Tide Whether You Like It or Not”


You may not like Southeastern Conference Football.

You may be tired of Nick Saban.

You may be worn out from Alabama history and football dating back to Bear Bryant.

But you have to say this, about last night’s Alabama overtime win over Georgia, the football factories in the SEC develop lots of great players, and that was as good a game as you could ever want, topping last year’s Clemson win over Alabama.

So here we sit, lots of the nation cheering on Georgia in a dominant first half. Rooting for Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart , the student, to beat his teacher, Nick Saban, and they were.

But football is a 60-minues game, or in this case, a 65-minute game, and it’s a game of adjustments.

After watching his star QB-Jalen Hurts stagger thru a (3-8) 21Y-passing first half, and getting outplayed by Dogs freshman QB-Jake Fromme, Ssaban had no choice.

He went with Hawaiian freshman QB-Tua Tagovailoa to start the 2nd half. It changed the chemistry of the game, it led to TD’s, and an explosive come from behind victory.

He threw 3-TD-passes, led Bama to four scoring drives, passed for (205Y)…ran for some, and ignited every aspect of the Red & White offense. And then the defense, pushed all over the field early , came alive and took over the game.

Outgunned (223-94)….facing a (47-24) deficit in snaps, Alabama owned the 2nd half, and then got it done in overtime. The QBs 41-yard TD pass, trailing by 3-points, right after he had taken what looked like a death blow 16-yard quarterback sack, is like the closing chapter in a thriller novel.

Bama earned this win. Georgia lost the game.

Alabama got some gifts too. They played poorly, and then got the benefit of no-calls from officials. There was a 12-man on the field flag, unusual for a Sasban team.

There was a near fight on the sidelines between 2-Bama players and a coach.

An unsportsmanlike personal foul flag….and a roughing the passer call.

But the Big 10-refs missed a lot.

A Bama player throwing a punch. Missed 2-Bama players illegally moving on a snap on a punt that was blocked, that was called a Georgia offside. A facemark flag that should have been thrown on a Bama tackle. A blow to the back of the head to a downed Dogs receiver. Lots of late arriving Christmas gifts.

6-championsihips in 10-years for the treasure chest of talent in Tuscaloosa.

Georgia played great. Alabama played better, especially at the end.

The whole country is probably tired of all things SEC football, probably worn out by Nick Saban’s dominance, probably upset at the structure of the college football system.

But if you loved the fireworks you get in college football,, you’d sign up to watch another SEC game like that, for the national title.


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