1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “An Avalanche of Stories”

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“Dealing with Avalanche of Sports Stories”


It’s overwhelming to think and to talk about, but as a long time sports-talkshow host, you pick the topic and take a stand.

KOBE BRYANT…The sadness that has enveloped Southern California, the NBA and sports staggering.  For all who crossed paths with him, all had different stories about dedication, intelligence, philosophies.  Shame on some aspects of social media for dredging up the rape trial details in Colorado and throwing that salt on the open wound of sadness.

NTSB…Fragments of information surface and the lingering question, why did an experienced pilot fly in suffocating fog?  Why was he on VFR when you could not see?  Did he mistake a mistake and get lost in the fog?  How come he turned into the mountain area near Calabasas then hovered for 15-minutes? What caused the pilot to try a steep climb towards the mountain that he plowed into at 160mph trying to avoid hitting the land below?

LAKERS-CLIPPERS…The Tuesday game was cancelled.  Sources told me the Lakers franchise front office is devastated by the Bryant tragedy.  Was told the Clippers were going to all wear #8…the Lakers were all going to wear #24 to honor Bryant.

ROCKY LONG…He always marched to the beat of a very different drum, and that is okay, so his taking the New Mexico Lobo’s Defensive Coordinator’s job did not stun me.  He takes a payout from 878,000 to 250,000, but he wanted to go back to Albuquerque to be with longtime friends at a university he loves.  He will look good in ‘Cherry & Gray’.  We should say thank you for all he has done at San Diego State.

CHARGERS…They are not talking but maybe the network report they have decided to move on from Philip Rivers is true, though that is not what GM-Tom Telesco told me two weeks ago.  Coach Anthony Lynn did not make a definitive comment in his season ending press conference.  And Rivers sold his Rancho Santa Fe home and moved a week ago.  If the Chargers let him leave, shame on them.  If Rivers elects to leave as a free agent, we should say thank you to him too.

PADRES RUMORS…The Red Sox trade talks with the Padres and Dodgers mean they are serious about moving the 4X-All Star, but I ask how the Padres can rationalize renting a player for 1-year before he heads to free agency, if it costs you Will Myers, some 30M in cash, plus young players Cal Quantrill and Manny Margot?  Why do I get a sense ‘panic’ is setting in at Petco Park?  You had this glorious game plan to spend on prospects, then spend on free agents, and now you are going to move more young players for a one year rental?  Hasn’t GM-AJ Preller burned thru too much Padres money already to be allowed to do this deal next?

AZTECS…A (29-0) record seems very possible after surviving challenges from Nevada and UNLV this past week.  Collectively a good team with lots of key role players, who have stepped up to win games.  There is one tough road game left, at Nevada, the final regular game of the season, before the Mountain West Tourney begins.  They do get Utah State here this coming weekend but the Aggies have self-destructed despite the talent at hand.  Whether SDSU can move beyond the 4th spot in the rankings won’t depend on them, but rather if the top three teams above them get beat in the next couple of weeks in regular season.  Who could have thought this team, this school, would be where they are today?

GULLS…It looks as if this could be a non playoff season, which would be a disappointment considering all the good AHL hockey this team has brought to this town.  But rumors persist that a major rebuild is about to begin with the parent Anaheim Ducks, and that means virtually all the best young players the Gulls have had, will be in Anaheim, playing-learning under coach Dallas Eakins for the second half of the NHL season.  Rumors everywhere that the Ducks are going to move veterans off their roster for prospects in the next couple of weeks leading up to the trading deadline.  And speaking of Eakins, the highly regarded Gulls coach starts the second half of the NHL season with his team on skids, having won just 3-of-its last 15-games.  Look closely at Eakins, he looks terrible, as if he is working 20-hours a day trying to find a way for his young players to score goals.



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