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Aztecs-New Year-New Look Football”


San Diego State has opened spring football practice.with two new coaches on board, holes to fill, and new offensive formations to be installed. Coach Rocky Long has gotten rid of the bad taste in his mouth from the five losses in the final six games of the season, and the shelling by Ohio in their bowl game.

Long’s comments heading into 3-weeks of spring ball.


Pretty excited to get on field
Good off season working really hard

Spread formation-see QB in shotgun much more
This will be easier on QB than in the past
All of our QBs here now came out of the system
They have taken a lot of shotgun snaps in their careers
QBs more comfortable in shotgun

Run plays are exactly the same as the past
We go to 3-WRs-we spread defense-make it easier on QBs
We’re trying to give our players a better chance of success
We’re trying to get out success back

We must throw ball better so we can run ball better-get some advantage
Our RBs have more experience running the spread than out of the I formation

QB-Jordan Brookshire-he came out of spread system in JUCO
Real competitor…throws ball well
Won JC championship with his style
Ryan Agnew will face competition

OT-Jacob Capra-transfer from Oregon
Going to start out at right tackle
We have veteran OL with experience so we will move them around

Evaluate OL-we had injuries…we had a player ‘infect’ the rest of the group
Attitudes changed-we have to get that back.
I would draft Ryan Pope of all those guys off our team
The one player who could have done well (Ty Roemer) left the program.

Most concern on team is Def Line-very young-few have played
Closer get to line of scrimmage-more mature you need to be
We have 3-young guys who have to play

Brady Hoke is best defensive line coach ever been around
He absolutely knows the techniques we use..he relates to teaching players
Very enthusiastic

Recruiting-we are still looking for another transfer via graduate route
We could pick up 3-more players

Spring ball rules limit us to just 20% of time live action
I’d like to be in pads 100% of the time in full pads
I want to work on timing-assignments-speed of game-limited by the rules


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