1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Aztecs Football–Rocky Talk”

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“Aztecs Football–Rocky Talk”


The scoreboard does not lie, you are what your record says you are.

And the statistics don’t like either, when San Diego State’s coaching staff has built a dominant defense, nationally ranked defense, year in-year out.

Rocky Long is headed back to a bowl game later this month, the 10th year in a row the Aztecs have been to a bowl game.

Long has now compiled an (80-38) coaching record with the Red & Black.

His team stormed to a (9-3) season this year, beating another Pac 12-teams, UCLA along the way.

And his defense is atop every metric in the Mountain West Conference stats, and ranked nationally too.

The numbers are staggering in an era where everyone has spread offenses and 3,000-yard passing quarterbacks.

The Aztecs defense gave up just (288YPG) in a throwing conference.  Allowed just 17-touchdowns in a 12-game season….28-sacks..78-tackles for loss…22-takeaways…alloed just (2.6YPC) to running backs.

Rocky Long comments”

..Nice to finish with a win..excited for bowl game
..Overall a really good season

..Don’t speculate on bowl game but know ESPN says it’s Washington State.
..Our (9-3) record might consider us for a game against a Power 5-team

..Health of bowl system gives us a chance to go to a bigger bowl-we did a lot of good
..For first time in history of school-we beat UCLA
..First time we beat BYU in 14-years
..We have established our program now with our record.

..If there was a playoff system and we were one of 16-teams in bowl playoff…system and we were in, our mentality would be different.  Current bowl game is pat on back for having a good season..not a whole lot of pressure on winning.  We prepare our team like that.

..Going into the season, our defensive line was concern about weakest point
..Biggest improvement made in Defensive Line…
..Brady Hoke is best defensive line coach around

..Carson Baker did well as a first time starter at quarterback-
..It was nerve wracking for him but he was steady.
..He did not rattle leading up to the game-played within himself in game
..Made 3-or-4 really nice throws early.
..He played the game like he plays at practice-confidence
..Had never seen him play against a teams top defense…played well

..Ryan Agnew will be 100% healthy for a bowl game..he is still sore
..Team not meeting…not practicing..till bowl game opponent chosen.

..Bowl game prep…we start developing next year’s team with young players
..Announce bowl game opponent on Saturday

..Mountain West does a good job holding our officials accountable all the time
..Most of the time it is not made public….officials issues are addressed weekly.

….Coaching workload…Changed over years based on experience…When they start thinking it is getting too much you quit, you move on…Surprised Chris Peterson left…Coaching business not as difficult because of technology….Our coaches are out of the building at 8pm….years gone by you left at midnite and came back at 6am…now it’s different….Yes there is stress…not by number of hours of coaching….We are handling the public aspect of a job ….As a younger coach there was no social media…now you take a lot more punishment because of scrutiny…There are very few advantages of being old except you know how to deal with things.

..Programs can be saved at UNLV and New Mexico…Fit coaches personality with community…you can have success…fixed Wyoming…we fixed SDSU….they can do it in Las Vegas-Albuquerque.


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