1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Aztecs Football-We Belong in This Bowl Game”

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Aztecs Football-We Belong in This Bowl Game”


A week removed from a lousy end to the football season, Rocky Long was ready to get back at it, at work, specifically, beginning prep for the Aztecs 9th straight post season bowl game, against Ohio University of the Mid American Conference.

He had plenty to say, about his team, the losing streak, and the last minute bowl game they were invited too, damn the naysayers too.


Glad to have a bowl game
We have 10-players from Texas going home

Old School Coaches…Frank Solich oldest coach in country now
I’m right behind him in age-lots of experience

Next years team we have-extra practices help us
We are evaluating program…
Things we’ve had in past seasons-we don’t have right now
Week and a half of practice will help us

We deserved to be in a bowl despite finish to season
People recognize our program’s success 9-years in a row to a bowl

We are moved to at large spot because of wins and size of TV market
Conference did a good job getting all 6-of our teams into a bowl game

Spent a whole day watching Ohio on film
Stats show who they are …they pride themselves on running the ball
Their losses were 2-3-4 this year-impressive
They beat Buffalo-the MAC championship game

They are spread team that runs spread option
Big and strong upfront-block well
QB-Nathan Rourke has 1,000-yard rushing himself
Team has 3,000-yards plus running the ball
Their zone read play allows QB to give it to the right guy

We have experience defensing what Ohio’s running
Have not thought about our starting QB yet.
Our first week of bowl prep will be like spring practice

We have played a lot of MAC teams in the past…
No tricks-no sunrises-line up and play well
We have to be better than we were ..next week of practice

For the sake of players in our program-developing team-bowls are important
Nice pat on the back winning games
Yes-very disappointed in our season
Bowl game is 1-game season-that’s how we treat it

Early signing period right on top of bowl season
We play same day as signing period starts
We have 15-scholarships available
We think we will sign 7-to-9 in early period
We will get additional scholarships in February.

We will sign by position …may be transfers out there-don’t have room for them.

We had new coaches-takes time for transition for them to learn
Add on lots of really young players=takes time.
We have to get 100-players on the same page all the time-it’s a challenge.
Not going to talk about losing 4-of-last 5…zero in on Ohio game

Delicate balance between bowl prep-having a good time
Want them to have fun-win-develop the team for next year
We have an issue-players taking finals on week of bowl game
Need to limit the distractions and get it done.


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