1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Baseball Free Agent-Get Ready-Get Set-Go Spend”

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“Baseball-Get Ready-Get Set-Go”


It’s day one of the Winter Baseball meetings in Orlando, and the wheeling and dealing is about to begin.

Yes, the Yankees have acquired MVP-home run hitter Giancarlo Stanton.

And yes, the Angels, won the bidding battle to lure Japanese slugger Shohei Ohtani.

And now the real work begins.

Who lands where, and for how much, as free agents begin signing contracts with other teams.

It is year where serviceable players are demanding big paydays, more than they should actually be worth on the open market. But baseball is flush in money thanks to their TV contracts, and clubs are always willing to go the extra year and extra dollars if they think they can buy themselves bats in the lineup.

The top everyday players to bid on…
..JD-Martinez-Arizona home run hitter-not much of a glove-agents wants 200M deal?
..Eric Hosmer…Back to back 25HR seasons but worth 25M a year?rUYes:O D
..Lorenzo Cain..ex-Royals outfielder-with bat and glove, but 15M a season guy?
..Mike Moustakas..legitimate bat-glove-leader-deserves payday.
..Carlos Santana..can hit HRs and play decent lst base..but 20M per?

..Carlos Gonzalez…take him out of Coors Field-what do you have?
..Logan Morrisson..comes off 38HR-season in Tampa but sub par BA.
..Jose Bautista..ex Blue Jay bomber-but coming off bad season
..Zac Cosart..great season with lowly Reds, but odd great season?
..Jon Lucroy…catcher with some power-but off season

..Todd Frazier..some pop but not much average
..Jason Werth-do everything but lots of injuries
..Luca Duda…dependable glove-some home runs
..Jay Bruce…solid years but to superstar
..Carlos Gomez…hot and cold hitter in Texas

..Yonder Alonso..comes off strong season better than career numbers
..Seth Smith..occasional home run hitter
..Brandon Phillips…lots of miles on those tires-but fiery guy
..Neil Walker..grinder of 2nd baseman
..Matt Holliday..old warhorse-how much gas left in tank
..Mike Napoli…same at Holliday
..Melky Cabrera…career seemingly stalled.

Shall be fun watching one dominoe that falls which leads clubs to have to move quickly to replace the player they jost loss.

The best values, probably the KC duo of Hosmer-Moustakas. Big gamble might be the price paid on Cosart. Over the hill gang, likely Buatista. Worth there risk player, Alonso.

Get ready-get set-go spend your money in free agency.


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