1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Baseball Trading Deadline-What It’s Like for a Player”

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“Trading Deadline-What It’s Like to be Dealt”


The clock is ticking towards 1pm-our time-Tuesday.

It’s the baseball trading deadline, and so far 24-deals have been made in the last week, including the Dodgers blockbuster deal for Orioles star Manny Machado, and the Padres-Indians Brad Hand-Adam Cimber deal.

And as we wait, rumors swirl the Padres may deal away their other two relievers, Craig Stammen and Kirby Yates.

It’s part of the culture of baseball, the pennant races, the trading deadline deals, tons of rumors and the parting goodbyes in clubhouses.

Manager Andy Green says people in his clubhouse are pro’s and know how to focus on what they can control, though he chided the media, saying all the things written and said about trades aren’t true.

What’s it like to have to go out and pitch, and wait for the phone to ring, to see if you’ve been dealt.

Craig Stammen, who has rallied his career from elbow surgery, and become a strong component of the bullpen, could be dealt. The ex-Washington National had some candid comments about that last nite. At game time it was all rumors. During the game came a tweet from a Pittsburgh writer the Pirates were closing in on a deal. By the end of the Giants game, the Buccos had traded for a Texas reliever.

..I might be traded, but all I can do is go out and compete.

..It’s tougher on my wife Audrey and our 4-month old baby.

..She and I have talked about it-we know it’s part of the deal.

..I told her-stop reading the internet.

..I just don’t read all this outside stuff right now, and that’s hard because I am a baseball junkie.

..I can’t-won’t let the outside world bother my concentration.

..If I get traded, I will thank the Padres for this opportunity…I am thankful.

..Players never think they’ll be dealt….it can be a shock..

..Brad Hand was my closest friendj-he didn’t think it was going to happen.

..I will not worry-just focus.

..It’s hard to lose your best player, Hand was an all star.

..Losing like this is hard. What we do is compete.

..Baseball is a great life teacher…..you learn about adversity.

..I saw all this losing in Washington…I know what Luchessi and Lauer are going thru.

..We went from a bad team…to 98-wins in one year.

..Drew Storen and I came up together-we went thru that losing, then we won.

..Luchessi and Lauer are going thru that learning process.

..We can turn this in San Diego.

Stammen will know by the end of the day game against the Giants, whether he stays in San Diego, or goes to a pennant contender.


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