1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Baseball’s Best-Baseball’s Big Problem”

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“Baseball’s Best-It’s Big Problem”


Cooperstown, New York is such a special place.

The birthplace of baseball. Home of the beautiful shrine, that is the Hall of Fame.

Shrouded in controversy over who should get in, despite what they have done, on and off the field.

Later today, the Hall of Fame announces its class of 2019.

There will be debate over the merits of relief pitchers or DH’s and whether they merit the vote despite the stats they put up.

There will also be the continuing raging debate of those barred from the Hall, Pete Rose, specifically, and those engulfed in rumors, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, from the steroid era, and whether they deserve to get in.

A quick look at the lineup on the card to ge announced today.

MARIANO RIVERA…It has taken relief aces so long to gain access. But when they pitched, they pitched in the most pressurized situations every time they came out of the bullpen. How can you not vote ‘yes’ on his 625-saves, his (2.21-ERA). Even more so, the amazing postseason numbers (0.70-ERA) and 42-saves.

EDGAR MARTINEZ….Victim of the DH argument, with a career mark of (.312-309HR) superb numbers, and an everyday player in his role.

MIKE MUSSINA….Orioles-Yankees great went (270-153) with a 3.68-ERA in the steroid era. Used to be you needed 300-wins to get in but deserves strong consideration.

LARRY WALKER…Legendary Expos-Rockies good guy. A lifetime (.313) hitter with 383-home runs. Close to getting enough votes.

FRED MCGRIFF…Rock solid player and person with Braves-Padres-Blue Jays. Legendary career stats, including (.284-493 HRs) and that glove. Why not him?

ROY HALLADAY….Big fierce strikeout artis (2127K) and strong yearly credentials (203-105) 3.38. Power pitcher and very close to deserving as a Blue Jay-Phillies starter..

ANDY PETTITE….Consistent thruout a long Yankees career, but wonder if (253-153) win total might fall short.

ROGER CLEMENS…Still on ballot-climbing slowly in votes each year, but the stigma will not go away. What you cannot look away from though are the numbers (354-184) 3.12. The BWAA are torn apart by his greatness, or his reputation as a cheater. Deserving numbers but tainted history.

BARRY BONDS….Cannot hide behind statements ‘I didn’t know’. What we do know is the dominance (.298-762HR), the arrogance, the beliggerance, the likely lies, and yet he does get votes each year in increasing numbers.

MANNY RAMIREZ…The personality and the power hitter did serve a suspension. He did hit them out too (.312-555HR), but won’t merit consideration till somebody decides on the status of Clemens-Bonds.

The votes will be announced Tuesday afternoon, and the debate will rage on and on, not so much about Mariano or Edgar of the Crime Dog, but about Clemens-Bonds-Manny.


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