1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “Baseball’s Wild Season”

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“Baseball’s Wild Season”



Baseball’s 2019 season will go down as bizarre.


The question now, can Baseball’s 2nd season, the post season, top the regular season?


Things happened here you would have never expected.


4-teams won over 100-games.  4-teams lost over 100-games.


The Houston Astros continued their fabulous five year run of star powered baseball, grabbing 107-wins.  The Dodgers made it 7-straight first place finishes, doing what no Dodgers team ever did before, winning 106-games, surpassing the record originally set in 1953 in Brooklyn.  The Yankees, who spent most of the year without their star players on the disabled list, put together an incredible 103-win campaign.  And the lowly Minnesota Twins arose from the abyss, to get 101-victories this year.


At the bottom of the standings, there was lots of bad baseball.  The Tigers finished with a horrifying 114-losses.  The Orioles plunge took them to another hundred loss season, this one worth 108-losses.  Miami’s Marlins wound up losing 105.  And Kansas City plunged back got the norm, with a 103-loss campaign.


Some of baseball’e elite failed to get back to postseason.  The former World Series champion Cubs did not make the playoffs.  Ditto for the staggering Red Sox, who wasn’t play games in October.  Cleveland, for all its small market success, missed by 1-game getting into post season.  And Colorado, its pitching staff destroyed, failed to get to postseason.


What a year for records.  An all time high (6,776) home runs were knocked out of the park this summer, busting last year’s home run high record.


The Twins and Yankees both set records, crashing 307-and-306 home runs this year.

The woeful Orioles pitching staff erased the record book, with the Birds hurlers allowing a record 305-bombs.

Mets phenom Pete Alonso set a rookie record, hitting 53-bombs, making people forget Aaron Judge.


The games were wild, the crowds disappointing as MLB finished with its lowest attendance in 16-years, drawing 68.4M fans to MLB stadiums.  In fact baseball ticket sales plunged, dropping 14% from the high set in 2007.


The attempts by Commissioner Rob Manfred to speed up the game have failed.  Last yar games lasted 3-hours even.  This year, with home run balls, pitching changes, and lots of big innings, games went (3:05:35), much to the chagrin of baseball leadership.


The playoffs now open, with teams with loaded pitching staffs.  The Astros trio of Justin Verlander-Zach Grienke and Garrett Cole, had a combined record of (59-16).  Pick your poison, you want to have them beat you to death with their batting order, or just strike you out inning-by-inning…with Verlander and Cole combined for 626-K’s this season.

The Dodgers front three starters, Clayton Kershaw-Hyun Jin-Ryu and Walker Beuhler went a combined  (44-14), and they have a batting order and a bench that wears you out.

The Twins earned accolades for an amazing season.  No one gave much credit, but that was another 90 win season by the small market Athletics.  Low budget Tampa Bay is back with its small payroll, and even fewer recognizable names.

Yankees baseball could ber about hitters hammering homers, but it’s also about a depleted-inquired-starting rotation trying to stay afloat.

Milwaukee survived the loss of Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun to get a wildcard spot.  Washington overcame a horrible start to earn a chance in a wildcard game.

St. Louis hasn’t been what it was in the past decade, but still good enough to get back to postseason.  Atlanta was red-hot but not right now, and a bit banged up too.

We’ll see what the playoffs bring starting with the the Tuesday night wildcard games.

A bizarre season will get better now that all the really good teams are ready to square off.

Prepare for a wild ride again.

So despite the good-the bad-the ugly of a regular season, we now embark on the best time of the baseball year, the post season.





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