1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Chargers-Bad Team-Bad Salary Cap Situation-Bad Leadership?”

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“NFL Free Agency-Surely Not Free”


Buyer Beware in the NFL.

It all starts Tuesday morning at 9am. Get your checkbooks ready. Here comes NFL free agency.

The Chargers need help on that roster, but they need health more than they need help. And that’s complicated, because they don’t have alot of salary cap space.

The Cleveland Browns, coming off that (1-15) season, with little talent, and lots of young players, have just over 105M in salary cap space. The 49ers, with a new GM-Coach, and no players, have 95.4M, second best. Jacksonville, forever a loser, has 75M in the bank.

As woeful as the Chargers have been, they have only 4M-cap space as the free agent window to talk to agents begins. Think of that, a team that has lost 25-of its last 35-games, has just 4M in cap space remaining.

By comparison, the guys who just raised their 5th Super Bowl trophy, the Patriots have 59M in revolutinary money to spend. The smart guys live in the State of New England, don’t they, surely not at Chargers Park.

They committed 14.5M to franchise tag LB-Melvin Ingram. They still have as many as 18-veteran players they’d consider re-signing.

At the top of that list are running back Danny Woodhead and safety Jahleel Addae, must-signings..

Creating bookkeeping is just ahead over at the Fortress, and that’s how they will find some additional cap space.

They could eat a chunk of the contract of concussion prone Brandon Flowers, who now has a cap figure of 11M for the coming season. They cannot live with that, and because of the injury issues, maybe they don’t want to live with him any longer.

Wide receiver Stevie Johnson carries a cap figure of 4.5M and no one really knows if he comes back from that knee surgery a year ago that wiped out his season.

There are some players who should be restructured down. Included in that group is defensive end Corey Liuget, who is not really a 9.5M a year player. Ditto for right guard DJ Fluker, who is not worth 8.8M.

The team has over paid, and surely not gotten value out of oft-injured tackle King Dunlap and guard Orlando Franklin, who have a combined cap figure of 15.6M. You surely won’t cut them, but I surely would not pay them either.

Fellow tackle Joe Barksdale has a 5.5M cap figure, and disappointing receiver-return man Travis Benjamin counts 6.5M.

That’s 66.5-million tied up in the above mentioned 8-players, some hurt, some underachievers.

Tom Telesco and his cap guys, Ed McGuire and Mike Spanos, sure have given alot of money to alot of players, who have not been difference makers.

Chargers fans in San Diego would say ‘tough crap’….Los Angeles it’s your problem.

The real problem is for quarterback Philip Rivers. If they don’t get more players in here, he finishes his career like Dan Marino.

No Super Bowl wins.

And Marino’s last game was a (62-7) loss in the playoffs to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Let the bidding begin around the NFL. Let the give-backs begin for the Chargers.


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