1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Chargers-Congrats or Condemn”

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“Chargers–Brilliant Game–Big Win–But??”


They had to have it, a win, and the only guy who could deliver it, did, in quarterback Justin Herbert.

The Chargers record is (7-6) and they are in a life and death struggle for the final wildcard spot in the AFC , trying to fight off the Patriots and the Jets, and anybody else who might sneak up on them in the final month of the season..

Herbert did what he always does, leave it on the field, make it happen, survive the wreckage around him.

Austin Ekeler ran and caught 100-yards worth all purpose tough guy yards.

Of-injured receivers Mike Williams and Keenan Allen stayed on the field for a combined 18-catches worth 218-yards and a bunch of big plays

The defense created havoc for Miami QB-Tua Tagovailoa, knocked out of sync, harassed,  and forced off his spot.

Tua was (3-17) at one point throwing the ball, and went home (10-28) for 145-yards.

The Chargers secondary manned up with physical coverage coming off the ball, they bodied Tyreek Hill, doubled him, zoned away Jaylen Waddle, and denied tight end Mike Gieneski his routes.

It was as if Tus was looking into the secondary for receivers and seeing something equivalent to the CFL, like 12-guys in the secondary playing pass defense.

It was an impressive game plan scripted by defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill.

If you watched closely, the Bolts heavy pass rush was off the left side into Tua’s face.  They made him move to the right off his spot continually, an uncomfortable throwing motion, that destroyed his inaccuracy.

it was a clinic.  And it was a clinic to watch Herbert stand in there and destroy the Miami ultra-aggressive defense.

The stat sheet shows Herbert was (39-for-51) for 367-yards.

It should show 13-pass plays of 10-plus.
We all saw him take 4-sacks, and scramble 4-times for gains

What it won’t show is the fact Miami blitzed him 16-times.  Hit him 8-times and pressured him 17-other passes.  And Herbert stayed in there making plays.

All that behind two overwhelmed rookie offensive tackles, who had given p 7-sacks in the last four weeks themselves.

That is people around his ankles, knees, head.  That’s hands in his face-people about to hit him, or a view distracted by traffic.

Herbert got the ball out of there lightning quick.  They went no huddle a bunch.  Clicked on 4th down plays too.  Herbert allowed them to check off alot of boxes with the way he played, fast and with no fear.

All that and yet he completed 39-passes, had his team on the field for 79-snaps and generated a (432-219) edge in offense.

These are Dan Fouts-Philip Rivers type numbers.

It was a win the Bolts had to have, and went out and got against a pretty explosive team.  It was a collective team win, but maybe the best we have seen the Bolts play since maybe the early 2021-season, before the team unravelled

It makes you wonder if Lady Luck had not cast an injury curse-spell on the franchise, if this could have been an elite team in the AFC, maybe equal to the Chiefs or Bills, rather than wishing and hoping they can be (7-6).

It was a huge win, but it only counts as one,but it was so exciting to see.

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