1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Chargers-Fact-vs-Fiction”

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It was fascinating to listen to the rhetoric, the cliches, the philosophies handed down by Chargers President John Spanos and VP-and-GM Tom Telesco, 18-hours after the team blew out Coach Mike McCoy.

Give them credit for standing in line to take some pretty heated questions from the media.

But then again, some of their answers were weak and lame, much like their (5-11) football team.

Telesco admitted he made mistakes in roster talent acqusitions. He stopped short of saying he made a mistake in the hiring of McCoy in 2013.

I felt McCoy was the best hire the year the job opened, but no one could forsee that McCoy would reach a plateau as a coach, and never improve. No one could read that he lacked creative skills, was too conservative, and not very friendly, more reclusive.

Telesco has his way of doing things, and only time will tell if the players he has drafted can grow on the job, and stay healthy. And who knows now what becomes of the offensive line, where his team lavished some 80M in salaries and bonuses on a package of people stretching from the oft-injured King Dunlop to the grossly overpaid Joe Barksdale.

But at least Telesco is blunt honest about opinions and people.

Spanos must have taken notes from McCoy on dealing with the media.

Every sentence was riddled with a cliche, spewing some philosophy. He never stepped up and took blame for any mistakes in the operation of the team.

He couldn’t bring himself to say the franchise was in disarray.

I asked about what was in his heart when he sat in the owner’s box the last two home games, and saw the crowds overwhelm the stadium wearing Silver and Black or Chiefs Red.

He mumbled something about the Chargers being used to winning, not so recently, and it made me feel he must have gone outside the building to gaze at all the banners of past accomplishments, that hang off the Fortress. You know the ones that say AFC-West champion, or playoff participant.

I came away less and less impressed with his bland style, and not wowed by whatever he was saying that came off page 55 in his book of corporate philosophy.

He looks overwhelmed with the job, the job his Dad gave him, with very little qualifications.

Viewing him in the same light as people who used to be in that building, and had success, like AJ Smith and Bobby Beathard, is like comparing the weather at the North Pole and the Equator. They were qualified and earned their job. The kid was given his job.

But it’s onward and upward now. Bring on the interviews with all these candidates, with the hope they don’t screw this up.

Of the 6-NFL jobs now open, San Diego has the best to offer. Philip Rivers and a host of skill people.

Would you rather be in Buffalo, not talking snow, nor Jacksonville, or with the Rams or 49ers, with few players, and a paralytic quarterback situation?

Guess I’m rooting for Telesco to fix this mess, and I do think they can.

Guess I’m wondering if Dad (Dean) really believes son (John) can become an elite executive.

The Chargers are dealing with a bunch of fact, bad team, budget issues, lagging attendance, crumbling stadium.

The Chargers are dealing too with some fiction, they’re close, and they can make this team elite before the quarterback leaves and retires.


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