1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “Chargers Fight for LA-How’s That Going?”

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“Fight for LA-How’s That Goin”


So how did you feel about what happened on Sunday night?

The Chargers first game ever in Los Angeles, slaughtered by the Seattle Seahawks.

I watched it all, because I am a football junkie, and that was my club for a long-long time in broadcasting.

I realized right after kickoff, I had a knot in the pit of my stomach.

Upset, our team, the San Diego Chargers, had moved. Revisiting all the turmoil within dating back to last February.

By the 10- minute mark, I was angry about it all, as Spero Didas and Dan Fouts and Alex Flanagan all raved about the ‘LA experience’.

By late in the first quarter I was rooting for the Seahawks to bury the Bolts, and all things related to the Spanos family.

And how did you feel?

Bothered by the constant sale pitch of the ‘Fight for LA’. Disappointed at all the players comments about the excitement of the move to the Stub Hub Center, as if all the years in San Diego, meant nothing.

Was surprised to see tarps over end zone seats.

Really stunned to see so many empty seats.

Amazed at the noise the Seahawks fans made, wondering how they got tickets, when the Chargers announced all 27,000-seasosn tickets had been sold out.

The game was horrid. So much for the debut of an unhappy coach Anthony Lynn, whose second and third teams were destroyed by the Seattle backups;

He wasn’t real pleasant to deal with in the post game interview session either..

It was a meaningless preseason game, except the guys he needed to evaluate got buried by the backups the Seahawks were evaluating.

Welcome the real world, where he inherited a team that has lost 25 of its last 35 regular season games.

While the Chargers may be excited about the new futbol venue they will be playing NFL football in, they cannot be happy with some other things.

Tailgating, a staple of the emotional attachment to Chargers games at home, seem to have gone away.

Worse so, these fans here seem to be selling their tickets there, to fans of the opposing team.

The NFL Network report of the 21,054 fans there, almost 7,000-were wearing Seahawks colors, and the “12” th man in the stands, Seattle faithful, seemed everywhere and loud.

And on the out of town scoreboard, the Rams were drawing 68,229 for their game with the Cowboys. Granted there were lots of Dallas fans in the stands there too.

My Fans Mini Poll on my twitter account showed 83% of those who responded, did not watch the game.

Sports talk radio listeners, who called in, watched, were upset, angry, then appalled at what they saw.

Next weekend Drew Brees and the Saints come to town.

Wonder if we see a repeat of the Seahawks experience? Wonder if Lynn’s backups will play better?

Wonder if it really means anything, for when the real season starts, we’ll see lots of Rivers-Gates-Keenan Allen-Melvin Gordon big plays?

But I also wonder if the anger and resentment those of us in San Diego experienced Sunday night will continue.?

I cannot say Los Angeles Chargers. I recoil when I saw the scoreboard with the letters LAC as a symbol to our team.

Wonder too, if Chargers fans here, will be rooting for the Chargers, up there, to lose?

“Fight for LA”. Gonna be tougher than they imagined, on and off the field.


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