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“Chargers Front Office-Responsibility-Accountability”

The scoreboard does not lie.

The Chargers, heading to Los Angeles, have lost 25-of their last 35-games, are losing players, running off players, but not replacing players.

Chargers President of Football Operations John Spanos, and his running mate, GM-Tom Telesco, have their hands full.

A roster full of injuries three years running, the reality that they wasted alot of money on free agency, and now the defection and the jettisoning of a wide variety of veteran players.

And if you are keeping score at home, that draft board given us by Spanos-Telesco, isn’t that impressive either.

The latest to exit was starting linebacker Mantei Te’o, headed to the New Orleans Saints as a free agent. Telesco dealt 2nd and 4th round picks to get the linebacker from Notre Dame. His career was followed by injuries to both feet, and then last year’s torn Achilles tendon.

By the third and 4th years of a draft, you expect those players, selected early, to be cornerstones of your roster. There are holes everywhere on the roster now.

The Telesco-Spanos first draft was 2013. The only survivor is wide receiver Keenan Allen, a third rounder. Gone are OT-DJ Fluker, the high number one pick, the 2nd round guy Teo, and the 4th rounder CB-Stevie Williams.

In 2014, they took Jason Verrett, who still great upside, though a trail of injuries. It sure looks like 2nd rounder Jerry Attaochu is a washout. Gone are center Chris Watt and DT-Ryan Carrethers.

Yes 2015 still has most players here, led by RB-Melvin Gordon, LB-Danzell Perryman, plus Kyle Emanuel and Craig Mager. Gone is DE-Darius Philon.

2016 looks to be a bonanza based on all the things we saw of DE-Joey Bosa…TE-Hunter Henry, and later draft pick, LB-Jatavis Brown.

If you add in the last draft of the fired GM-AJ Smith, in 2012, only Melvin Ingram is here as a big time player. Gone are DE-Kendall Reyes and Ladarius Green. In fact 6-of-7 are out of here.

So going from 2012-thru-2015, of a totral of 24-picks, San Diego has just 4-impact players…Allen, Verrett, Gordon and Perryman.

Your scorecard reads thusly:
2012…Ingram…1-of-7 left.
2013…Allen…2-of-6 left
2014..Verrett-Attaochu…2-of-6 left
2015..Gordon-Perryman…4-of-5 left.

Sum total…24-players…only 9-left on the roster.

Philip Rivers is the last remaining member of Chargers football, when the franchise was an AFC West power.

They’re all gone, the ones around him, retirement, injury, run off as free agents, those who chose to leave.

It won’t get good till the football people in charge of bringing players in here do a better job.

John Spanos wants to be boss. Tom Telesco wanted to be the General Manager. 4-impact players out of 24-picks.

You are what the standings say you are. The scoreboard does not lie.

Not a very good team, not a very good roster, and now not a very good track record.

Accountability-Responsibility. Own it, because you caused it.

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