1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Chargers-Have the Kids Arrived?”

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“Kid Bolts-Have They Arrived”


Could it be?

Could it be the Chargers have hit the jackpot on three draft picks, who are playing, playing alot, and playing well, all just 5-weeks into the season?

Joey Bosa wasted 31-days of the start of his career with the holdout and the hamstring injury. Since he has been on the field, all he has done is make plays, lots of plays, most notably in the other teams backfield.

2-quarterback sacks in 3-weeks, three tackles for losses already too, a motor that runs high octane. Pretty impressive.

The game does not seem to be too big for him here in the NFL, after he owned the Big 10-Conference.

He is ‘all football all the time.

Jatavis Brown owned the Mid American Conference at Akron, a linebacker-safety.

Forced on the field by the mess of injuries, he sure seems to be everywhere, making tackles, getting hits, and playing with enormous energy.

He’s not intimidated about being undesized, takes on people, gets to ballcarriers, and can fly.

He’s vibrant, always smiling, the switch always seems to be on.

Hunter Henry has come quickly at tight end. He’s come as advertised as a playmaker and down the field threat.

He was good at Arkansas last year, he’s even better here, as a receiver, yards-after-catch guy, and a blocker.

He gets open, wins battles at the line of scrimmage, overwhelms linebackers and safeties with his size, and gets yards after the catch. In the open field, watch out.

He smiles, he’s courteous, he’s smart.

Yes this (2-4) Chargers season has been a disappointing start. Out of the bad has come some good, at least so far this season. The rest of the roster, torn up by injuries, has some catching up to do.

This Tom Telesco draft this past spring, could be as good as some of the early AJ Smith drafts, that helped this team get good.

We’ll see what the next two road games mean to this team, but for now, it looks like those draft picks are players, keepers, difference makers.

You wish you could say that about the rest of the roster.


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