1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Chargers-How Fare Away Are They?”

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Chargers–How Far Away Are They?”


I cannot imagine how hard it must be for the loyal employees of the Chargers to enjoy this Christmas holiday.  To go back into that building and try to go to work in the face of all this negativity in the community.  To go do your job in a Southern California community that does not want you there.

The Chargers are (5-10) with one weekend left in a lost-cause season.

They face an off season of really hard decisions involving two of their top players on offense, the quarterback and the running back, Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon.

And in the bigger picture, the impending move as the tenant going into the new Rams Stadium in Inglewood.

All that off the field.

And then there is on the field.

I’ve watched so many different offenses this fall.  And the teams that will be playing in post season are so different than what we saw from the Chargers the past couple of years.

Compare Tom Brady’s offense to the Bolts.  Look at the ease Patrick Mahomes makes plays in Kansas City.  Aaron Rodgers distributes the ball as quickly as anyone in the league.

The Chargers just seem to labor with Rivers trying to make plays.  Everything seems to be so mechanical with him, having to hang in the pocket, taking so much time to go thru progressions, the long windup to throw, the lack of separation from his receivers, vs defensive backs.

It seem to be such a struggle for the Chargers to have any rhythm to what they are trying to do on offense.

Anyone see much explosiveness from the Chargers running backs, or any type of power equal to the likes of say Ezekiel Elliott of the Cowboys, or the dangerous burst of the Giants Saquon Barkley.

On defense, compare the Joey Bosa-Melvin Ingram led Bolts.  That and Derwin James appears to be all they have on defense.  You see the tenacity of the Packers-Vikings in the Monday night game?  Can you compare to anything you ever see from  the Charges lineup as they try to play 4-quarters of any football game.

Sunday to Sunday, watching all these top teams, it drives home the reality of how little star power talent the Charges have on the field.

In San Diego, the rage and disrespect directed at Dean Spanos seems relentless.

Maybe some of the glare of the critical spotlight needs to shine on Tom Telesco and John Spanos, the decision makers in acquisition of talent.  This years draft was a washout.

They don’t delve much into free agency.  They have never been bold in terms of making trades as the landscape of the NFL has changed.

To me, the organization has failed Rivers the quarterback  The offensive line, the complimentary wide receiver parts, the acquisition of skill people upfront or at linebacker.

All you need to validate my critique is to watch the good teams around the NFL, and who they are talent wise on offense, personality wise on defense.

Those poor employees of the Charges, trying to fix this mess of a roster, trying to sell Bolt football in an LA market that never welcomed them.

The Bolts, a long way away from being good, miles and miles away from what we see with other teams.  Miles and miles  too away from having any relationship with a fan base too.


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