1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Chargers Leadership-What Can They Say-After All They Have Said”

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“What Can They Say-After All They Have Said”


You get tired of listening to all the noise. All these people who do the wrong thing, after trying to tell us they’ve done the right things.

Chargers owner Dean Spanos now admits it is becoming a challenge to introduce his NFL product to the people in LA. Says not having his “assets” in that market has made it hard to get traction up there. Conducting business still in San Diego. His team to hold off season workouts in Mission Valley. This looks like distraction after distraction. Of course Spanos told us he was looking forward, not back, after what he did to Chargers fans.

Mark Fabiani, the mouthpiece of the owner, saying the organization would “own it”, if they made mistakes moving to Los Angeles. Own the phony press conference. Own the stupidity of the ever changing logo. Own hiring actors to show up dressed as Chargers fans. How about owning up to the fact you recommended the owner screw his loyal fans in San Diego.

Then there is AG Spanos, the son in charge of business operations for the Chargers. Under his reign, he talked his father out of pursuing Pete Carroll at USC, instead wanting Norv Turner. He did away with the original Chargers jerseys, for what they wear now. He cut ticket prices. In his era,Chargers revenues went from 15th to 29th in the NFL. Skyboxes were dark much of last year. Instead of saying the team would “fight for fans”, the son should really stand up and say “my credibility is taking the ten count in this fight”….or better yet “I don’t know what I’m doing with the job my dad gave me.”

And you have players saying they are worried about “fake enthusiasm” over this move to LA, what few veterans are left on a roster in the midst of a rebuild..

So the Chargers start their second month in Los Angeles, while the team is still based in San Diego. It’s week five of their new era, and they have yet to roll out ticket prices, yet to hold any press conferences for their new coaching staff, in LA or San Diego. Yet to make a real impact in that market.

Off the field, the team is a mess. On the field, once Philip Rivers takes over control, the team should be good, if healthy and fun to watch.

But there’s alot more pain and suffering coming in the coming months before they actually play a game that counts, in their new home, a soccer stadium, near oil refineries, in a town jam packed with other franchises that have heritage and success as part of their nameplate.

Awful lot of noise these days from those people. Empty rhetoric.

What can they say? It’s always comes out wrong.

What should they say? We screwed up with this move to another city.

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