1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “Chargers–Lose Game–Lose Season”

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“Chargers Lose Game–Lose Season”


A bad weekend, a likely bad finish to the season.

Everyone shares a piece of the blame in this one, the Kansas City (24-17) win over the Chargers.  A loss that pretty much ends their playoff hopes.

From start to finish, the Monday Night Football loss, the Chargers loss to the Chiefs in Mexico City, likely sends this team careening into another non playoff season, with growing doubts how much their quarterback has left.

Quarterback Philip Rivers threw 4-interceptions, late with passes, desperation heaves, overthrows.  You name it, it was bad.  When was the last time this QB had a quarterback rating of (49) for the game.  He didn’t play very well.  This bad outing stapled on top of last weekends terrible finish against the Raiders.

His offensive line, the kiddie korp, was awful and that had a bearing on Rivers bad statistical night.  The 4-picks came as part of package in which he was sacked 3-times, took 9-hits and 7-pressures.

The kid offensive tackles, Trent Scott and Trey Pipkens got overwhelmed, 2-sacks, 2-penalties, allowed 3-pressures.  Ditto for veteran tackle Michael Schofield who gave up a sack and took a penalty.

It was a messy night other places.  Michael Davis, the cornerback, gave up a TD on blown coverage, and missed 2-critical tackles in the second half.

Rayshawn Jenkins had an interception, but gave up 2-pass plays.

Desmond King dropped 2-punts and made some horrible decisions, and got benched.

Linebacker Thomas Davis missed a crucial tackle and got beat in coverage twice.  A bad penalty on Jatavis Brown and 2-completions on his coverage watch.

And the offense staggered all night.  They owned the first half, but trailed at halftime.  When was the last time, your team had a (43-23) edge in plays at half, had outgunned the other guy (312-109) and never scored a TD.

When last seen, the Bolts drove to the Chiefs 8-9-22-22-31 and never got to the end zone.  You feared it would be bad math, the Chargers getting 3-points on field goals, knowing full well Patrick Mahomes was going to wind up getting touchdowns before the night was over.

And Mahomes did, breaking the Chargers backs with runs of 15-20-24.  And he figured out how to attack Gus Bradley’s zone defense by throwing underneath to his tight end Travis Kelce all night.

Then came the missed tackles and some bad Bolt penalties that negated a big fumble recovery.

The second half was no better.  In one stretch the Chargers had 5-possessions, 16-plays, and just 48-yards, and all this with Rivers at quarterback.

To add insult to injury, the Chargers were facing a KC team that lost star WR-Tyreek Hill on the first series with a hamstring, and two running backs, LeSean McCoy with a concussion and Damien Williams with injured ribs.

But without the firepower, it didn’t matter, because Mahomes was still out there making play after play.

You can drop all the cliches you want about playing at altitude, playing kids in the offensive line, almost winning again, another loss by a TD or less, or any moral victory in not letting Mahomes score 50-on you.  It doesn’t matter, your playoff hopes are gone.

Two last memories of this Mexico City trip.  Rivers laying on the torn up turf after the 4th and final interception, punching the ground, and knowing he has thrown 7-picks in the last two losses in games they had to win.

And the sight of a pregame get together with football fans, when owner Dean Spanos was introduced and booed at the podium as he tried to address the fans there, some wearing Bolts gear, some in Chiefs colors, and lots of Mexican fans.  They all know what Spanos did to San Diego fans back home.

Lousy loss, lousy game, lousy owner, and now a quarterback that’s playing lousy too.

Now officially too, a lost season.


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