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College Football-As Good As It Gets”


It’s the way you’d want a championship game, for all the marbles, all the trophies, all the rings to end.

The game winning touchdown scored with (:01) left on the clock.

Clemson (35-31) over Alabama. Thank you Tigers.

DeShaun Watson was dazzling, finishing off a brilliant 3-year career with a 1-minute drive and the game winning TD pass against the unbeaten super-power Crimson Tide.

The kid from Gainesville, who went to the school in South Carolina, graduates in 3-years time, and returns to campus with a (32-3) record as a starter, and a championship trophy..

The finish last night was payback for last year’s Alabama (45-40) win. But this Clemson victory was decisive.

The look on the face of iconic coach Nick Saban was priceless. He could not believe what he was seeing. His players could not believe what was happening.

When the guys wearing Orange were done, the guys wearing Crimson were Black and Blue. Against the top defense in the nation, the one that entered the game giving up just (244) yards per game, the one with 15-TDs by their defense and special teams, the numbers the Tigers put up were unbelievable.

Watson says goodbye to ACC football with this farewell gift. He finished with (420) yards passing and 43-rushing. He was (36-for-56). He survived 2-turnovers, 4-sacks, and 3-cheapshot helmet hits early on.

Clemson wound up with (511) yards against the Tide. They ran off 99-plays on offense. Controlled the football for (34:44) in time of possession. It was dominance beyond a doubt.

Wide receiver Mike Williams, himself victimized by 2-helmet hits that were not called, came back with monster catches in the fourth quarter. And there’s no doubt, incredulous to see, Alabama targeting those two players with head shots early in the game.

So much for class.

Bama’s freshman QB-Jalen Hurts was overwhelmed for a chunk of the game. Alabama was (0-11) on 3rd downs. Hurts was wildly erratic throwing downfield. His 30-yard touchdown run with just over a minute to go nearly rallied his team to victory.

But the loss his power running back Bo Scarbrough hurt the offense. The early (14-0) lead eventually disappeared thanks to the dynamics of Watson.

As Alabama has dominated college football, like Oklahome did back in the Bud Wilkinson era, they have created enemies everywhere. Tiny Clemson won the game for all the smaller schools Alabama has trashed over the Saban years.

It was a win for kids who go to classes and graduate. A victory over a Saban led coaching staff tha has 27-assistant coaches and administrative assistants working for the Hall of Fame mentor.

Some may have viewed it as good-beating-evil.

In end, college football got it right. Ohio State and Michigan, Washington and USC, and even tiny Western Michigan gave us thrills this past football season.

But the Tigers and the Crimson Tide are in a galaxy by themselves. And they played that way last night, completing a season that began on Labor Day weekend, and taking it to the final (:01) of the championship game before we knew who was the best in the country.

“Roll Tide” could not “Hold That Tiger”. Dabo Swinney outcoached Nick Saban and Steve Sarkisian.

And somewhere this morning, the last great Clemson coach, Danny Ford, is smiling, hooting and hollering, for wearing Orange is the right thing to do.

Clemson, king and class of college football.


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