1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “Dodgers–Decision Days Coming–Era Over?”

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“Dodgers–End of Era?”———–

The World Series starts with a Tuesday night battle…you know the teams…the Tomahawk Chop-vs-Garbage Can Cheats.

Houston-Atlanta, and outside of Texas and Georgia, I don’t know how many baseball fans nationwide will be paying attention.

I was rooting for a Dodgers-Red Sox Fall Classic…lots of history and big name players on both rosters.  But it won’t happen.

But what will happen  in Los Angeles will garner as many headlines at what happens in Houston or Atlanta.

Dave Roberts has just 1-year left on his contract after 6-spectacular seasons in Los Angeles.  The divisional titles, a World Series ring, and a 106-win season this year.

Roberts career record is getting no coast-to-coast recognition, but he should:
..(542-329) regular season
..(44-33) playoffs
..(.622) winning percentage.

The Dodgers managerial history started with the records of Walter Alston and ended with the great success of Tommy LaSorda.  Their longevity was spectacular in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, but Roberts winning percentage is better than either:

Alston..(2040-1630)…4-World Series rings…(23-21) playoffs..(.558)

LaSorda..(1599-1439)…2-World Series rings..(31-30) playoffs..(.526)

Despite the failures of the pitching staff, injuries and over-use, Roberts was doing what the front office analytics guys wanted done.  He deserves another contract extension

The decisions on the roster may be harder to reach.

Legendary pitcher Clayton Kershaw battled forearm problems the second half of the season.  Before that it was back and shoulder woes.  Will they offer him a year-to-year deal or a two year pact?  Would he take it?  Would he dare go to the Angels to finish his career as a free agent, or go home to pitcher poor Texas to finish as a Ranger.  His stats speak ‘Hall of Fame’

Kershaw: (185-84)..2.49-ERA..3-Cy Young Awards..(14-12) playoffs

Then there is Mad Max and what Max Scherzer accomplished, going (7-0) with a 1.98-ERA after his trade from Washington to Los Angeles. He led the staff in his short run in Detroit.  He made Washington a winner.  Coming to Chavez Ravine was a positive move for everyone.   Scherzer is every bit as impressive as Kershaw.

Scherzer: (190-97)..3.16-ERA..3-Cy Young Awards..(7-6) playoffs.

Legendary closer Kenley Jansen is also a free agent.  The catcher-turned-bullpen star has reinvented himself the past couple of years and is coming off another vibrant season and despite age, still has great value.

Jansen: (350-saves)..2.37-ERA

The Dodgers also have to make decisions on star SS-Corey Seager, coming off a (.306) season…super utilityman Chris Taylor…and even future Hall of Famer, now part-timer Albert Pujols.

And of course the Dodgers and MLB will have to decide the outcome of the mess big money pitcher Trevor Bauer got himself into.  An after-thought story during the pennant race and the playoffs, a still to be decided situation in terms of his contract, the Dodgers payroll, the luxury tax, and whether you want him to represent your team.

A busy World Series is about to begin.  An even busier off season for the Dodgers starts too.

Maybe hi-priced two year contracts for each of the aging pitchers.  Keeping the bench together would not be a bad call either.
Releasing Bauer and voiding his contract in a fight with the union likely.

I don’t think this will be the ‘End of an Era’ for Dodger Blue.





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